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Yume 2kki:Underwater Amusement Park

Underwater Amusement Park
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Carnival Night




WP #19
Kura Puzzle #27

Events Lonely Urotsuki, Amusement Park Hell
Notable NPCs Clown Triplets
Connecting Areas

Train Tracks
Art Gallery DeadEnd↩️


bgm-i (No. 082A)
bgm-i (slower) (Entrance from Train Tracks) (No. 082B)
bgm-i_w (Lonely Urotsuki) (No. 082C)
bgm-l (Inner Rooms) (No. 084A)
ライト (Warhol Smilies/Pink TVs area) (No. 100)
bgm-h_m (Brown Eye Floor)
bgm-j_m (TV Rodeo Area) (No. 111A)
bgm-l_m (Troll Event) (No. 112)
camellia-themepark (Clown Area) (No. 126A)
camellia-themepark (slower) (Clown Area event) (No. 126B)
yume d12a (Pyramid Dance #1) (No. 113A)
yume d12b (Pyramid Dance #2) (No. 113B)
yume d12c (Pyramid Dance #3) (No. 113C)
yume d12d (Pyramid Dance #4) (No. 113D)
yume d12e (Pyramid Dance #5) (No. 113E)
kura_title2 (Noclip event)

Map ID 0186, 0273, 0274, 0275
Version Added 0.091g
Author 20

The Underwater Amusement Park is a very large area accessible from the road in Atlantis.

Map of the Underwater Amusement Park


The entrance to the area has hexagonal ticket booths, pink neon columns and purple smiley faces on the floor with a few children walking around. If you interact with the balloons, you buy them for 10 each and they hover over your head. Attempting to slide past the ticket booths with the Penguin effect causes moles to pop up out of the ground and block Urotsuki. Interacting with the bushes near the entrance once will give 100夢.

If you visit every area of the amusement park, the column with letters scrolling up it will read "さよおなら" (Sayōnara, Goodbye). At this point, if you interact with the screen on the column, you will be transported to the Lonely Urotsuki event. Upon exiting the scene, the column will display "早く起きたほうがいいよ" (Hayaku okita hō ga ī yo, You'd better get up early).

The column will display numbers instead of words if you equip the Chainsaw effect, and chainsawing it results in it flashing red.

When you go into the amusement park, it has a number of different rooms with varying floor tiles, monsters, music, and attractions.


This area is divided into many sections that hold objects of interest, denoted by changing floor patterns.

  • Wavy Purple Area - In the area with the purple wavy lined floor, you can find a cowboy riding on an old TV. Interacting with this gives you Wallpaper #19.
  • Brown Eye Area - In the area with brown eyes on the floor, Interacting with the stage will make the cycloptic pyramids perform a dance for you. You can jump onto the stage using the Spring effect. There is also a chance that after watching the dance of the cycloptic pyramids, an upside-down goat head will appear in the same area. Interacting with it will cause a full screen event to occur.
  • Pink Face Area - In the area with the pink faces on the floor, there are a number of TV screens that transport you to different places. The third one down from the brown eye area's upper entrance will transport you to a TV shaped room with white smiling faces on the floor. Going down and entering the door will lead you to a dark, zigzagging path with many flashing, smiling faces on the walls. Leaving out the other end will take you back to the room with the white floor.
  • The Water Ride - In the southernmost blue and green area, Urotsuki can purchase more balloons or find one of two entrances to a strange interior. She can pass under the stanchions to reach the upper entrance, which takes her past portraits on a dotted, grid-patterned wall, some moving or looking at her as she passes. Further on is the lower entrance and a water ride, where Urotsuki can ride in a boat with an eye on it. She can bump into the other riders by moving into them. Once in the boat, there is an entrance to the Water Ride's Tunnel to the right of where you first come in, filled with characters from the amusement park waving goodbye. Continuing right will let you travel to the back alley of the Train Tracks on the eye boat.
  • Secret Room - While on the water ride, if you go left, up, turn left again, and go under the bridge, you will enter a secret passage through the wall. If you continue going left, you will pass under another bridge, and then another portion of walls, into the corner of the yellow and teal squares area. There is an invisible entrance in the middle of the wall between the last area and the 2nd bridge, accessible by going up. The entrance leads to a small room with a blinking painting and a few tables, one of them covered in blood. An NPC with black hair can be found here, and interacting with her will cause her to vomit blood.
  • The Dungeon - The area with black and gray checkered tiles leads to the dungeon. By interacting with the turtles with keyboards on their backs, you can make piano-key bridges. As you proceed, you can see the Clown Triplets and several children. Go into the building with the big clown on it to enter the dungeon. Once you have entered the dungeon, one of the clowns (Arina) will block your exit, forcing you to either wake up, use the Eyeball Bomb effect, or travel deeper into the dungeon.
    • The dungeon contains several children locked up in cages. If you go down the stairs, you can see single cages with statues of other chasers on top of them. On the last floor, there are many open cages with bones in them, obviously suggesting that the children have been killed by the clowns. When you exit, there is a room with two doors, showing boy and girl symbols on them. It doesn't matter which one you choose to go in, Urotsuki will still suffer the same fate.
    • Upon entering she will fall down onto a hexagonal platform, unable to get off it. Two children on similar platforms will appear next to you. Large columns will come down and squash them, revealing prints of them now on the platforms. After you go through the same unfortunate process, you will wake up.


After visiting the Art Gallery once:


  • On the very top right of the map lies a single red circle with a pattern, in the darkness. This object can only be reached by using Noclip Mode. If you interact with the object, Urotsuki will begin randomly moving around very quickly as one "Save Data" and one "RPG_RT ver" error box will appear on the screen, with the tileset being changed to that of Urotsuki's Room. You can only exit the screen by force quitting to the main menu with the F12 key.
  • The painting in the secret room with the vomiting NPC is concept art which was submitted to the game’s repository.
  • The balloons function similarly to the Namekuji in Yume Nikki.
  • This world has the most obtainable wallpapers, with a staggering 11.


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