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Yume 2kki:Dressing Room

Dressing Room
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Zenmai ishō-ten
Zenmai Costume Store




WP #51

Events None
Notable NPCs Midori Tokuro
Connecting Areas

Urotsuki's Dream Apartments
Fabric World


bgm-g (No. 081B)

Map ID 0176
Version Added 0.098g
Author Zenmaigahara

Dressing Room is an area accessible from the main floor in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments.

Map of the Dressing Room.


This area contains a variety of mannequins, which display outfits that Urotsuki can try on. Trying to return to Urotsuki's Dream Apartments while wearing an outfit that isn't the cat outfit will automatically unequip it.

The first room contains six mannequins, but only two will have outfits at the beginning. The outfits are the following:

  • A maid outfit, which can be combined with the Twintails to unlock wallpapers #73 and #348. It can also be combined with the Stretch effect, to get Odorika's oriental dress.
  • A business suit, which can be combined with the Glasses to unlock wallpaper #75.
  • The outfit from the main character in the Plated Snow Country minigame. Interacting with this outfit unlocks wallpaper #51. This outfit is unlocked by completing said minigame.
  • A black cat outfit, which can be unlocked by interacting with the boy in the computer, during the Bleak Future event. Using the Lantern effect will make the costume white instead. This is the only costume that can be kept after leaving the Dressing Room without any consequences.
  • The school uniform from the main character in the ↑V↑ minigame. It's unlocked by completing said minigame.
  • A bridal outfit, which is unlocked by completing the Plated Snow Country minigame.

North of the first room are five additional outfit rooms, containing the outfits of characters from other fangames. Their contents is listed in the gallery at the bottom of the article. In the center of every room besides the entrance, there is an unreachable mannequin bearing the design from Madotsuki's shirt, set at an angle.

In the 2nd room, you can combine effects with character's outfits to wear other outfits from that fangame.

  • hallucigenia - Aya's Outfit with the Child effect to make Aine's Outfit
  • sickmind - Yamitsuki's Outfit with the Fairy effect to make Iratsuki's Outfit & with the Lantern effect to make Kurayami's Outfit
  • Kudaranu Mousou No - Kazaguruma's Outfit with the Wolf effect to make Jose's Outfit

There is also a black and green lady in each room, with one large blue eye in the center of her face, similar to Megusuri Uri. She reacts to various effects.

  • Howling with the Wolf effect or equipping the chainsaw/bug effects here causes the lady's pupil to move around rapidly inside her eye.
  • Using the Telephone effect will do the same thing but in a more slow way.
  • Using the Bike, Cake, or Lantern effect will cause the lady to frown.
  • Using the Boy effect will make her very angry.
  • Interacting with her with the Maiko effect will make her bow to you.
  • Trying on an outfit will make her stare at you.

Unlike most NPCs, the lady will not revive upon waking up if you kill her with the Chainsaw. She can be revived by interacting with the boy NPC in the Bleak Future event. There is also a 1/10 chance to revive her when entering the Dressing Room from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments.

If you try to leave the dressing room by opening the back curtain while wearing an outfit (effectively stealing it), the lady will walk over and push you back, preventing you from leaving. However, if you killed her or previously opened the curtains, you can proceed with one of the outfits until the door that connects with Fabric World, which forcefully unequips the outfit.



  • There are several outfits in the sprite sheets for Urotsuki that were not used, including a lab coat. These were probably originally used in the Dressing Room before or they may be planned outfits in a future update.
  • In older versions of the game, it was possible to leave to Fabric World with an outfit equipped. Entering the Eye Shop after doing this would have the same reaction as chainsawing Hakoko or Megusuri-Uri, killing both of them and closing the shop until they are revived.


Room 1
Maid.png PigtailMaid.PNG Business.PNG GlassesBusiness.PNG Winter.PNG Sailor.PNG Bride.PNG Blackcat.png Whitecat.png RedEveningDress.png
Maid outfit Maid outfit with Twintails Business Suit Bespectacled Business Suit Snow Gunikki Outfit from Plated Snow Country Onna No Ko's Outfit from ↑V↑ Bridal Outfit Black Cat Outfit White cat Outfit Odorika's Oriental Dress
Room 2
Peasant.PNG WhiteDress.PNG BlueJersy.PNG Bluedress.PNG BlueWhiteCheckered.PNG Persona4.PNG Vortex.PNG WhiteRed.PNG YellowShirt.PNG PurpleHairclip.PNG Orange.PNG
Aya's Outfit from Hallucigenia Yamitsuki's Outfit from Sick Mind Sabitsuki's Outfit from .flow Usotsuki's Outfit from Yume Nisshi Alex's Outfit from Inspiration Isokishi's Outfit from Madoro-Mu Kazaguruma's Outfit from Kudaranu Mousou No Aine's Outfit from Hallucigenia Iratsuki's Outfit from Sick Mind Kurayami's Outfit from Sick Mind Jose's Outfit from Kudaranu Mousou No
Room 3 [Left]
Chie.PNG Artist.PNG WhiteX.PNG GothPigtails.PNG BlueSailboat.PNG 4Boy.PNG
Chie's Outfit from Lcd Dem Irotsuki's Outfit from DreaMarbleng Kamitsuki's Outfit from Yume, Shosen Mousou Gorotsuki's Outfit from Dream Book Funetsuki's Outfit from Tec Yon Goh's Outfit from Witoru
Room 4 [Right]
FlouretteAnsPrayers.png Islander.PNG Takashi Older.png YellowRibbon.PNG BlueZipper.PNG BlueAndEye.PNG
Fluorette's Outfit from Answered Prayers Yomika's outfit from Dream Graffiti Takashi's Outfit from Older Origamitsuki's Outfit from *Illness* Furastuki's Outfit from Muyuu Nagatsuki's Outfit from Yume Wo.
Room 5 [Right, Up]
Pinktank.png Purpleuni.png Reduni.png Bluebandanna.png Waistcoat.png Cyan A.png
Shimitsuki's Outfit from If Sometsuki's Outfit from Ultra Violet Sakura's Outfit from Lost † Game Tatsuki's Outfit from Debris Eric's Outfit from UBOK. A's Outfit from nostAlgic
Room 6 [Right, Right] Older versions / Not implemented
Bluegown.png Blueheadband.png Brownshirt.png Pinkheart.png Whtblouse.png LabCoat.PNG
Relic's Outfit from Farewell Shirayuki's Outfit from Musou Yuugi Fin's Outfit from Alive Arrow Sanagi's Outfit from GOCCO Naoto's Outfit from Acatalepsy White Aya's Outfit from Hallucigenia