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Yume 2kki:Fabric World

Fabric World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Zenmai ishō-ten
Zenmai Costume Store




WP #168 & #238

Events None
Notable NPCs

Midori Tokuro

Connecting Areas

Dressing Room
Guts World NoReturn


2_28 (No. 124C)

Map ID 0176


Fabric World is a small area accessible from a hidden path in the Dressing Room.

Map of the area


Fabric World is an area featuring islands made of a gray material with large needles stuck through the ground, smaller ones sewing underneath, and various fabric spinning wheels scattered around.

It is comprised of two areas, with a door at the end of the first leading to the main area. The larger, main area is filled with giant mannequin torsos broken into three parts, and floating doors scattered around, with the occasional needles here and there, that poke in and out of the ground.

Dotted sparsely around the main area are normally sized mannequin torsos, who appear to be struggling or even breathing. Equipping the Glasses effect near one of them will reveal the head of the mannequin. There is a green and black lady in this area named Midori Tokuro that takes you to Guts World when interacted with.



  • This world is one of only two to be named in Japanese after its creator. The other in Japanese is Ecstasy World and previously Heian Era Village.
    • the only one named after its creator in English is GALAXY Town
  • The giant broken mannequin torsos could be a reference to the work of the 20th century surrealist artist Hans Bellmer, particularly his Doll series.