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Yume 2kki:GALAXY Town

GALAXY Town Preview.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Goma Yokochō
Sesame Alley




Kura Puzzle #49

Events None
Notable NPCs

Chainsaw Murderer, Angel Cyberling, Phonograph Witch

Connecting Areas

Gray Road
Cyber Maze
Sugar World

Removed Connections



yama-loop 2 (No. 212A)
ねおん@ネコノハ (Ice Cream Shop) (No. 216A)
n3-HRiS (Glass Building) (No. 313A)
kappa_10_1 (Phonograph witch)
kappa_10_2 (Phonograph witch)
kappa_10_3 (Phonograph witch)
kappa_10_4 (Phonograph witch)

Map ID 0653, 0655


GALAXY Town is an area located by going through the rainbow-headed gate in the Gray Road or interacting with the teal angel in Cyber Maze.


GALAXY Town was once a very large world containing many events, but over recent versions it has shrunk into a shadow of its former self. It was previously divided into GALAXY Town A and GALAXY Town B, but as of 0.105f all connections to GALAXY Town B, which contained the bulk of the world's character and events, have been removed. The remaining world still contains connections to the Cyber Maze and Sugar World.

There is an ice cream shop where Urotsuki can purchase 4 different types of ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Matcha (Green Tea)) for 200夢. Once you place your order at the front desk, you must sit down at an empty table and press the Z key for it to be delivered and for you to pay. If you sit down on the chair on the right, Urotsuki will sit down as normal, then be given her ice cream and suddenly decide to sit backwards as if the chair was on the left.

On the north end of the world is a glass elevator- like structure; near it are both a blue angel NPC who will teleport Urotsuki to the Cyber Maze and a green witch with a phonograph, whose presence is determined when Variable #44 is less than 66, that will play church-like music when interacted with. Strangely, the inside of the glass elevator is a totally empty room. Another NPC is a girl in a hockey mask close to the gate leading into this area, who acts as a sort of chaser in much the same way Yukata does; if you chainsaw her, she will attack back with her own chainsaw (which is painted in stylish hot pink!), sending Urotsuki to a totally empty world, within which she can do nothing but wake up or teleport away with the Eyeball Bomb effect.

Lastly, there is a uniquely-shaped lamppost on the north end of town. It will teleport Urotsuki to Sugar World when turned on.



  • This world is the only one named in English after its creator. Previously Mosenite was also in this category before being renamed to Heian Era Village.
  • Prior to 0.105f GALAXY town used to have slim inhabitants with hockey masks walking around. Entering an open doorway in the centre of the map would have led to GALAXY Town B. A house in the south could be entered which had a resident sitting on a couch inside, also wearing a hockey mask. Using the Glasses effect in this room would show a ghostly figure of Urotsuki in the isolated bathroom lying on the ground. Using the Cake effect would show a brown haired boy sitting on the pink bed.

Old Images


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