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    Yume 2kki:Forest of Reflections

    Forest of Reflections
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Deep Suburbs

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Saint
    Connecting Areas

    Nazca Valley
    Sky Cactus Zone
    Junk From Anywhere
    Blinking Docks Unlock🔑

    BGM Blue (46) (No. 713A)
    Map ID 1803
    Version Added 0.118h
    Last Updated 0.123e
    Author aediorugap

    The Forest of Reflections is an area accessible by interacting with an eye in the Fried Egg Zone (pink and cyan stone) in Nazca Valley.

    Annotated map of the Forest of Reflections.


    The Forest of Reflections is an idyllic, bright green woodland reminiscent of a fairy tale in its presentation, but its vast size makes it easy to get lost in. Dotted throughout the area are, as expected, mirrors, many of which are embedded into the grass, as well as red-capped mushrooms, logs, taller handheld mirrors, and glass cubes. Many hidden paths can be found within the trees, often leading to other open areas or to small, isolated areas with points of interest, such as specific NPCs aside from the stoplight folk, including a monochrome girl called the Saint. Populating the area sparsely are stoplight creatures who become drawn to the player if Crossing is equipped, and turn dark if it is active.

    This area is host to four connections, one being the Fried Egg Zone from Nazca Valley, and another being the green spores to Sky Cactus Zone, located in the south-west area of the forest.

    The third is in a small clearing located in the north-east area in the forest, after going through a hidden path, being a blue fish-like object that takes Urotsuki to Junk From Anywhere.

    The fourth is located through the trees to the south of the Fried Egg Zone entrance (northwest on the map), where passing between a pair of structures leads to Blinking Docks. Visiting this world makes the connection there available (to this world), even if the player has not used either connection.