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    Yume 2kki:Nazca Valley

    Nazca Valley
    Nazca valley.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Stencil Ruins

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #365
    WP #432
    WP #467
    WP #485
    WP #654
    WP #658

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Mackerel Desert
    Azure Depths
    Forest Cavern
    Elemental Caves
    Love Lodge
    Honeybee Laboratory
    Sky Cactus Zone Haniwa

    Digital Alley
    Rainbow Pottery Zone
    Forest of Reflections
    Snowy Suburbs Lantern
    Chicken World
    Pumpkin City
    Oriental Dojo
    Wooden Cubes Playground
    Faces Zone
    Soy Sauce World
    Skyline Highway
    Fish Oil Swamp
    Grilled Octopus World

    BGM omid_anon (Main Area) (No. 537B)
    yumenikkig_uljp00128 (Eggplant Domain) (No. 024E)
    bluetile_sun (Ambulance Parking Facility) (No. 360C)
    pipoq (Psychedelic Dungeon) (No. 074D)
    yumepo11 (Panda Checkers Area) (No. 509B)
    aediorugap むしむし (Squid Zone) (No. 661)
    bgm-r (Stove) (No. 135E)
    sound4e (Space Construction Site) (No. 319B)
    soundc (Sunny Town) (No. 426D)
    yumepo1 (Fried Egg Zone) (No. 017D)
    Map ID 1700, 1721, 1723, 1725, 1731, 1807, 2040
    Version Added 0.117g patch 5
    Last Updated 0.122d patch 3
    Author aediorugap

    The Nazca Valley is an area accessible from Mackerel Desert, Chicken World, or Honeybee Laboratory.

    Map of the Main area


    This is a small, closed-off area filled with otherworldly-looking sculptures and what appear to be Nazca Lines. The center section has a portal that is currently blocked by a construction sign, and there are several floating eye stones with varying colors which lead to different areas, where some of these areas are entirely separate worlds, effectively making this place serve as a hub.

    Purple-green Stone

    This stone takes the player to the Mackerel Desert.

    Brownish Red Stone

    This stone takes the player to Azure Depths.

    Red Stone

    This stone takes the player to the Elemental Caves.

    Green Stone

    This stone takes the player to the Forest Cavern.

    Pink Stone

    This stone takes the player to Love Lodge.

    Blue and Orange Stone

    This stone takes the player to Honeybee Laboratory.

    Brown Stone

    This stone takes the player to the Rainbow Pottery Zone.

    Orange Stone

    This stone leads to the Digital Alley.

    Blue and Cyan Stone

    This stone leads to the Snowy Suburbs. Interacting normally with the stone will lead you to an isolated area, where you cannot explore the world further. To get to the main area, you need to interact with the stone while having the Lantern effect equipped.

    Red and White Stone

    This stone leads to Chicken World.

    White and Blue Stone

    This stone leads to Pumpkin City.

    Dark Green and Black Stone

    This stone is right next to the Honeybee Laboratory stone, and it leads to Fish Oil Swamp.

    Pink and Cyan Stone

    This stone leads to the Fried Egg Zone (目玉焼き, Fried Egg) is a medium sized area filled with normal fried eggs, fried eggs with a red eye instead of egg yolk and white ghost-like creatures that wander across the area. A small, floating and weirdly-shaped red eye can be found northwest from the entrance, which leads to the Forest of Reflections. A soy sauce bottle can also be found north of the entrance, which leads to Soy Sauce World.

    Blue Stone

    The blue stone leads to the Eggplant Domain (盆茄子), an area surrounded by eggplants, as the name tells, along with a small Mt. Fuji.

    White Stone

    The white stone takes the player to the Ambulance Parking Facility (救休駐車, Emergency Parking), a looping area filled with parked ambulances. Going two columns left and five rows down, you can see an red NPC in a white outfit walking around. Interacting with it takes Urotsuki to Skyline Highway.

    Purple Stone

    The purple stone takes the player to the Monochrome Dungeon (サイケ獄遺跡, Psychedelic Prison Ruins), an area consisting of a grey floor and black walls, populated by vaguely-humanoid ghosts. Heading to the southeast section of the area, there is a strange looking mouselike creature that brings the player to Faces Zone when interacted with.

    Light Green Stone

    The light green stone leads to the Panda Checkers Area (熊猫白黒), an area surrounded by panda paws, as well as bamboo and panda faces, and hosts a panda girl who approaches you with the Twintails or Dice effects. Chainsawing her will make her go berserk, and getting caught by her in that state will send you to an isolated section of panda faces. Arriving here gives you Wallpaper #365.

    In addition to this, directly east of the entrance is a traditional tanuki statue that takes you to the Oriental Dojo.

    Light Blue Stone

    The light blue stone takes the player to Squid Zone (烏賊, Squid), which is filled and surrounded with white squid creatures. In the background, a huge squid like creature with blue outlines can be seen. The moving squid are attracted to the Trombone, where using it will make them dash towards Urotsuki. By finding an odd-looking squid and equipping both the Haniwa and Cake effects and interacting with the squid will take you to the Sky Cactus Zone.

    Red and Green Stone

    The red-green stone takes the player to the Stove (ガスコンロ, Gas Stove), which consists of a pair of gas stoves bridged together. Takoyaki roam the place, where interacting with them will make them say "takoyaki". They react to equipping the Lantern, Gakuran or Maiko effects by smiling, with the Gakuran and Maiko effects making them spin/jump respectively when using the effects. They show fearful looks with the Chainsaw or Bug equipped. Equipping the Penguin or Teru Teru Bōzu effects will make them avert Urotsuki's sight with angry looks. There is a vending machine on the lower stove, and it only sells takoyaki.

    In the southwest corner of the lower stove is a flaming takoyaki. Interacting with it leads to Grilled Octopus World.

    Red and Blue Stone

    The red-blue stone takes the player to the Space Construction Site (鉄骨宇宙, Steel Framing Universe), a set of pathways consisting of steel beams, some of which are floating from the lack of gravity. An NPC with long pink hair and a lab coat can be found in the upper right corner. Her head transforms into a black machine if you equip the Eyeball Bomb, Glasses, Telephone, Crossing or Grave effects, as well as spining rapidly with the Chainsaw equipped.

    Green and Salmon Stone

    The green-salmon stone takes the player to the Sunny Town (住宅町, Housing Town). There is an NPC on the right side of this area that bears a resemblance to an ocean sunfish. Its appearance and/or behavior will change depending on what effect you have equipped, as well as the sound it makes and how it reacts when an effect action is used. All 36 effects as well as combo effects have interactions with this NPC. However, using the Chainsaw or the Lantern will kill the NPC normally, requiring you to reenter the area to respawn it. There are also a few walking blue ball NPCs with top hats that will walk away from Urotsuki if the Drum effect is equipped and stare at her in disgust when said effect is used.

    Crossing the road and heading slightly southwest will lead you towards a golden toybox in front of one of the buildings. Interacting with this will take you to Wooden Cubes Playground.



    • In version 0.122d patch 3, the Monochrome Dungeon, previously known as Psychedelic Dungeon, was remade to be easier on the eyes. The old version can still be accessed by using the Rainbow effect on the purple stone.
    • The Bat effect cannot be used in any part of in Nazca Valley.


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