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    Yume 2kki:Fountain World

    Fountain World
    Entrance to Boogie Street
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Mizu no Sekai
    Water World

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #167 & #173
    Kura Puzzle #48

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Angel Priest
    Connecting Areas

    Boogie Street
    Hand Fields
    Tricolor Room NoEntry
    Stingray Skies
    Rubber Duck Islands

    BGM ループ「青光」By音師竹内 (No. 102B)
    n3-CaSP (Fountain House) (No. 167B)
    Map ID 0421, 0426
    Version Added 0.097g
    Last Updated 0.123e patch 2
    Author Uwonozoki

    Fountain World is a somewhat large watery area accessible from Boogie Street, Stingray Skies, and Rubber Duck Islands.

    Map of Fountain World


    Fountain World is a large, wrapping, watery area featuring ceramic tiles, marble vases and columns, large sculptures of hands and fists, and not much else. To the northwest of the entrance from Boogie Street is a propylon leading to the Fountain House, and to the northwest of the Fountain House is a sculpture of an open hand that takes you to Hand Fields.

    South and slightly east of the Boogie Street entrance is a yellow thumb-shaped rock right below a hand sculpture. Interacting with it takes Urotsuki to Stingray Skies. Heading west from the Stingray Skies entrance, one can find and interact with a floating rubber duck to enter Rubber Duck Islands.

    The Fountain House is a large three-room house that appears to be located in outer space. The living room has a non-interactive fountain in the middle, a couch for Urotsuki to sit on at the top left, a bed with some sort of wind-up mechanical bird on top of it to the top right, a window to outer space front and center (which will pan the camera to give a better view when interacted with), and a dark-haired NPC wandering around.

    Using the Glasses effect will reveal that the NPC is actually some type of angel (as well as make him slightly transparent), while using the Plaster Cast effect will make the NPC walk over to Urotsuki, occasionally showing his angel wings, and heal her. Equipping the Chainsaw or the Marginal effect will make the NPC flee from Urotsuki (while being chased, he occasionally shows his angelic appearance), and the Child effect will make him follow Urotsuki around. Eviscerating him with the chainsaw will cause the clockwork bird atop the bed to stop moving. The only way to respawn the angel NPC after this is by chance, as entering the angel's room has a 1/11 of causing this.

    The mechanical bird on top of the bed will speed up if Urotsuki equips the Fairy, Spacesuit, or the Bat effects, but the angel NPC himself will not react to them. Equipping the chainsaw will slow it down.

    The room to the left features a piano that Urotsuki can play, while the room to the right contains a pool with six fountains in it. If one enters from the Tricolor Room, they will find themselves in the piano room.


    With a 25% Chance and Chainsaw:


    • In version 0.122a patch 1, the connection to Stingray Skies would trap the player in an isolated section. This was fixed in version 0.122a patch 3.