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Yume 2kki:Deep Red Wilds

Deep Red Wilds
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Square Settlement




WP #566

Events Sandstorm
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Mask Folks Hideout
Bleeding Mushroom Garden
Stingray Skies


jjj_safetumble (No. 782A)
bgm015 (Sandstorm) (No. 297H)
drm_kan_ge_doupicho01 (Prehistoric Passage) (No. 240E)
2_51 (Fossil Room) (No. 261J)
fd-nope (Ruined Skyline) (No. 637B)

Map ID 1650
2401 (Prehistoric Passage)
2402 (Prehistoric Passage)
2403 (Ruined Skyline)
Version Added 0.120b
Primary Author Jared
Contributing Author(s) Horatsuki, Yasakoten, Arva

Deep Red Wilds is an area accessible from the decorative jar in The Nexus.

Map of the Deep Red Wilds


Deep Red Wilds is a large pink-red barren desert with various ramps and cubic structures scattered around with little to no life except for a patch of plants in the middle of the world. Its appearance is strikingly similar to the Wilderness in Yume Nikki.

There can be found numerous cube-shaped buildings while exploring, with only 7 of them that can be entered, each having a unique room for every building. One can have a couple of prism-shaped statues in it, an empty room, a pit and an open connection sign with an extremely contorted base.

There is a large ramp directly north from The Nexus entrance that can be climbed from both sides, leading to the highest point in the map, where a group of tentacle-like beings can be seen emerging from a hole next to a construction sign. North of the ramp's right slope is a building whose entrance leads to Bleeding Mushroom Garden. Further north, there rests a small mask in the palm of a hand-shaped arrangement of stones. This will take the player to Mask Folks Hideout when interacted with.

At the left of the ramp, there can be found a cube with a hole in it, that when interacted will present the player with a closeup of an Aztec-like drawing, which will then replace the background of the map.

Going west and slightly south from The Nexus entrance leads to a building with a ramp on its roof, and a staircase leading up to its entrance. Inside this building is an empty room, with nothing but a blue hole in the north wall. Entering the hole leads to the Prehistoric Passage.

By entering this world from The Nexus, there is a 20% chance that a dense, dark sandstorm will engulf this world. At this state, the hole where the Aztec-like drawing is cannot be interacted with. Entering and exiting one of the connecting worlds will stop the sandstorm.

Prehistoric Passage

Prehistoric Passage is a linear subarea containing several fossils. After entering, you will immediately be greeted by the sight of a ladder. Descending the ladder, one will encounter a sheet of ice containing the frozen skull of a mammoth. At the bottom is what appears to be the floor of a cave, accompanied by rows of stalagmites. Continuing east from here leads to a longer passage, containing two mosasaur fossils suspended in the air. Entering the wall at the end of this path leads to Ruined Skyline.

Ruined Skyline

Ruined Skyline is an ominous, dark area. Urotsuki travels across a straight path as the scene of a city, clearly in a state of ruination, pans across the background. A glowing red obelisk stands in the center of the devastation, and a silhouette of the Twin Mountains can be seen in the distance. At the end of this path is a golden orb leading to Stingray Skies.


  • The Nexus → Deep Red Wilds


  • The buildings and objects scattered around the world are supposed to resemble the pieces of a breathalyzer. This also explains why the monster in the Aztec-like drawing is holding two pairs of lungs.
  • In version 0.122a patch 1, the Prehistoric Passage was only accessible from Stingray Skies, and attempting to return to Deep Red Wilds would entrap Urotsuki in the twisted red sign. This was fixed in version 122b.
  • Entering the Ruined Skyline from Stingray Skies will cause the background to be shifted to the left, placing the Twin Mountains closer to the center and the obelisk near the Prehistoric Passage doorway.


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Horatsuki +, Yasakoten +  and Arva +
古代遺跡世界 +
1,650 (?) +, 2,401 (Prehistoric Passage) +, 2,402 (Prehistoric Passage) +  and 2,403 (Ruined Skyline) +
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