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Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Mugen Toshokan
Dream Library




WP #9
WP #43
WP #84
WP #96
WP #539
WP #566
WP #724
WP #773

Events Nurie Event
Notable NPCs Surimuki, Marginal Vivid Worker, Waku Waku-san, White Drooling Creature
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Word World
Eyeball Archives Glasses
Apartments LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn
Infinite Library Locked🔒
Broken Faces Area Marginal NoReturn
Fountain World Chance🍀 Chainsaw NoReturn
Snowy Pipe Organ Chance🍀 Chainsaw NoReturn
Elvis Masada's Place Chance🍀 Chainsaw NoReturn
The Slums Chance🍀 Chainsaw NoReturn
Character Plains Chance🍀 Return🚩
Tricolor Room Return🚩
Maiden Outlook Return🚩
Memory Garden Locked🔒
Marble Ruins Locked🔒 NoReturn

Removed Connections

Fantasy Library

BGM ym2-02_chii gensyou (No. 047)
x-air-Chukka (No. 071A)
x-air-Chukka (fast) (No. 071B)
ym2-18_nounai_matusyou (No. 095)
ループ「機械音」By音師竹内 (No. 104A)
spelude-7-1 (No. 323B)
Gucc stillnot tsukanoma (Color Book) (No. 671)
MM ambi2 (Nurie Event)
yukihi1 (Reading Room) (No. 164C)
Map ID 0020, 2511
Version Added 0.035b
Last Updated 0.123f
Primary Author 20
Contributing Author(s) Kong, Yumebako

The Library is one of the main areas accessible from The Nexus. Below is a map of the library and a gallery featuring the contents of all the different books that can be found. They are listed by shelf according to the map, to either side of the door.

Map of the Library.

If text events are disabled, most of the area's books will be inaccessible, and the Character Plains, Word World, and the Maiden Outlook will become inaccessible (Though you can still visit the Apartments and the Eyeball Archives). Text events can be enabled by going onto Urotsuki's Computer, selecting the tools icon and selecting the TXT option, then choosing the first option.


The walls of the Library are covered in a nighttime cityscape and contain sixteen rows of bookshelves and two couches. From these bookshelves are 61 different books that repeatedly slide in and out. When you interact with them, you are able to read them. They contain various images and literature of different forms, such as recipes, poetry and a diary.

The 2nd book on the shelf to the left of the door will take you to the Maiden Outlook if you turn to the leftmost page, the fourth shelf in the second row on the left has a 1/34 chance (decided when you pick up the book) of taking you to the Character Plains, and the last book in the 2nd shelf down from the door on the right will take you to the Apartments. (This book will only appear after having visited the apartments at least once). The first book on the shelf at the right serves as a one-way connection with Broken Faces Area if the Marginal effect is equipped.

One of the lower bookshelves has a ladder leaning against it. If you interact with the back of this shelf directly across from the ladder, you will be transported to Word World. Additionally, the book two shelves to the right of this ladder is unlockable by entering the Soldier Row from the Laboratory cave system.

Equipping the Glasses effect will make a book appear near the bottom of the first room, in the bookshelf right of the door. It will transport you to the Eyeball Archives. The book at the right of this one is unlockable by visiting the Broken City. The fourth book can be unlocked in Fox Temple. The fifth book in the same bookshelf will connect with the Picture Book in the Tricolor Room (and consequentially, to all four random connections you can reach from here). By equipping the Rainbow effect, a book will appear on the last column of this shelf, where this book will display something else if the Sound Room ending has been seen and the Trombone effect is equipped.

Lower Area

Most of the books in this section are unlocked as you do things in the dream world. The first book on the right side of the room contains a drawing found in the Nostalgic House, the second has a page found in Cosmic World, the third book from the right contains the page at the end of the False Shoal, the fourth book from the right is accessible if you interact with the red lips creature in the Florist, and the fifth (next to the ladder) is accessible upon reading the same green book in the Infinite Library, allowing access to said area.

The second row features a white book which is accessible upon obtaining it in the Stomach Maze, along with a dark-red book that is accessible upon visiting all of the Dream Park's sections, containing vague-looking scribbles. If you have met any one of the Five Guardians, those scribbles will be revealed to be doodles of the Five Guardians. The fifth book in the row at the right can be obtained by entering the Seaside Road.

The left set of bookshelves in the fourth row has a book that leads to the Memory Garden if the book has been previously found in said area. Left of this is a book that can be unlocked in the Graveyard of Repentance. The right set features a blue book that takes you to Unicorn Girl's Room in Marble Ruins. Reading it displays Unicorn Girl's face on screen before taking you to Marble Ruins. To have this book, you must have interacted with her before.

If you had collected the book in Board Game Islands after visiting that area via the yellow door in Bishop Cathedral, a bookshelf in the right row, next to the shelf with the small set of stairs, contains a coloring book with a rainbow spine on the top shelf, right above the Marble Ruins shortcut. This book can only be used with the Child effect equipped, and must be reached by pushing the staircase toward it. This book has special interactions, allowing the player to control a crayon and color in an object (determined each time the player goes to sleep). The four possible coloring pages that can appear within the book are a green pear, a yellow sun, a red umbrella, and a violet flower. Flipping to the back cover, two stickers, a die face with some board game markers, and a yellow jack with a purple accent, can be unlocked by visiting Board Game Islands and the Domino Maze, respectively.

If the player had entered the main sections of the Library via The Nexus or the Reading Room, there is a 1/6 chance that the coloring book will instead appear in the shelf next to the one leading to Word World, provided they had already collected it. Additionally, if the Rainbow effect is used, the coloring book will briefly flash one of 7 colors of the rainbow. There is also a 1/48 chance determined upon entering the dream world that, when the coloring book is interacted with, the area will suddenly brighten as the book now displays a colorful face-like pattern. This is known as the Nurie Event.

At the very bottom of this wing is a little alcove with an off-screen door that leads to the Reading Room.

Reading Room

This area is a small, wide room containing a single row of bookshelves. These books contain hints for specific puzzles in the game, such as accessing the Eyeball Archives in the first section of the Library, or forming a bridge over the river in Tribe Settlement. The book with Japanese characters, which is also a hint, will not be present if text events are disabled. To the right of the shelves is a chair where an NPC is sitting and reading a book.

If the sitting NPC in this room is killed with the Chainsaw effect, a short event will play where Urotsuki will back away from the bloodied NPC after killing them, followed by a picture of the NPC suddenly appearing onscreen accompanied by a distorted noise. Experiencing this event will force Urotsuki awake.


  • The Nexus → Library


A bloody bookcase that can be seen in older versions.
  • The book 'にっき(Diary)' is a reference to the infamous 'Itchy, tasty' diary from Resident Evil.
  • The book 'natl_book' bears strong resemblence to pages of the Voynich Manuscript.
  • This map was one of the first dream worlds to ever be added to Yume 2kki.
  • There used to be a book on the same shelf as the book to the Eyeball Archives that would transport you to the Fantasy Library, but it got removed in version 0.105f. In version 0.110f, it got replaced with a connection to the Picture Book and the event found in the book got relocated to the Innocent Library.
  • The page found in Cosmic World was located in Cog Maze for a time while the area where it was located wasn't present.
  • In the debug mode (S0011 set ON + ★デバッグ★ item in your inventory), you can switch the color book's page by holding the down key and press shift on the book cover. All the screen turns gray and you can enter a value corresponding to the color page. Enter 301202 will start the Nurie Event.
  • Previously, if the connection from the Cloud Floor to Chaos World was unlocked, using the Gakuran effect on the book that leads to the Tricolor Room would show a coded message, which would unlock a letter in Fruit Cake World.
  • Before version 0.122, the connection to the Tricolor Room required the Trombone effect to be equipped.
  • The event in the Reading Room could possibly be a reference to the removed Kaokai event.


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