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Yume 2kki:Gray Memory

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Gray Memory
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Flowerpot Outlands
Lonely Home

Removed Connections

Planter Passage


ループ「雅狂楽」By音師竹内 (No. 329D)

Map ID 2004


Gray Memory is an area accessible from Flowerpot Outlands.

Map of Gray Memory


Gray Memory is a monochrome teleportation maze with floating blocks in a void of abstract shapes, not unlike the original Yume Nikki. These shapes come in the form of upside-down cones, cubes, and prisms. In the background, several distinct shapes can be made out, such as crying eyes and stick figures.

When Urotsuki steps on a grey tile, she is teleported to another block. Sometimes these teleports can lead to dead ends or send Urotsuki back to the start. One of the warp points will lead to a small dancing creature. At the end of the maze is a path made of glitched floor tile graphics, and the platforms begin to glitch out as well. At the end of the path is a door that leads to Lonely Home.

The order of the portals required in order to get to Lonely Home is top portal, rightmost portal, bottom portal, and southwest portal.



  • One of the shapes in the background somewhat resembles the boxy, caterpillar-like creatures in Submerged Signs World.
  • Before 0.119g Patch 5, there was a glitch here that would cause a certain teleporter tile combination to send the player to an unfinished map. The player would be stuck on a blank green screen when this occurred, unable to move or proceed. The menu can still be accessed there, however, allowing escape with the Eyeball Bomb effect or waking up.