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    Yume 2kki:Lonely Home

    Lonely Home
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    WP #730

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Gray Memory
    Sea of Trees
    Server Hub Unlock🔑
    Slime Village Locked🔒
    Party Playground
    Graveyard of Repentance

    Removed Connections

    Sugar Road
    Illusive Forest NoReturn➡️
    Burgundy Flats NoEntry

    BGM 浮感_byやわらか (Old main area music)
    RIMA-bgm-farm002 (Chaser event)
    mypn_Glass (To Server Hub) (No. 558B)
    88_2 (Potter's room) (No. 400C)
    昔の夢 (Sunset Sanctum) (No. 629B)
    Map ID 2005, 2070
    Version Added 0.119g
    Last Updated 0.123b patch 8
    Author Yumebako

    Lonely Home is an area accessible from Gray Memory and Sea of Trees.


    Lonely Home is a small area that resembles an old house. Potted plants line the hallways of the house. Immediately visible are four doors, two of them barricaded, suggesting new connections to be added in the future. The gray door leads to the Gray Memory, while the wooden door leads to the Party Playground. There is also a staircase to the southeast that leads to another floor of the house.

    Through the door southwest of the Gray Memory entrance is a room with a green-haired witch who will take you to Sea of Trees when interacted with.

    Chainsawing the witch will make the music change and the area go dark. The witch will also be covered in blood. Outside, all of the doors will be blocked off by a traffic cone. Re-entering the room with the witch will reveal dark blob chasers that quickly surround Urotsuki and wake her up.

    Taking the stairs to the southeast leads you to another hallway similar to the entrance. There are four doors on this floor. The last door is barricaded. There is also another door at the end of the hallway that takes you to another section of the house. In the last section of the house, the screen is slightly tinted orange, as if the sun is setting. To the east is a somewhat long staircase that ends in a monochromatic area with a door to a room with drawings of two bows, a heart behind matching chains, a knife with pink liquid dripping from it, a teddy bear, and a floating blue button that leads to the Server Hub and unlocks the connection between these areas.

    The first door in the second hallway leads to a small room with pots, drawers, and a Haniwa doll on top of a drawer. There may also be an orange-haired character wearing white robes, if Variable #44 is less than 200. Equipping the Haniwa effect will make them move towards you and jump when interacted with. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will make them try to flee away from you with their eyes closed. The Marginal effect will make them stare at you.

    The second door leads to a small dark corridor with red flowers and four sitting creatures on the left and right sides. The door at the end leads to a subarea called the Sunset Sanctum.

    The third door connects to Slime Village if it has been unlocked from the other side. If Urotsuki is transformed into a dark blob in Slime Village, this door will be locked.

    Sunset Sanctum

    The background of this area has a view of some mountains and a setting sun reminiscent of Sunset Hill. There is a vending machine and a bench next to the entrance. Further east, you can find a ramen stall run by a cycloptic NPC. Sitting here will allow you to purchase ramen for 100夢 and will unequip effects and masks. Even further east is more fences; walking through a gap in them takes Urotsuki to Graveyard of Repentance.


    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

    After entering the Server Hub from this area:

    After unlocking the connection between Blue Sanctuary and Floating Tiled Islands:


    • This area uses the same chasers as Planter Passage and other Yumebako worlds.
    • The Bat effect cannot be equipped here.
    • Before version 0.119g Patch 5, this area connected with Sugar Road.
    • Before version 0.120d patch 12, this area had a different appearance: It had a different color scheme and was somewhat dilapidated. There were no potted plants or windows and it was also only one floor, where the eastern side had an infinitely looping hallway that you had to go through using the Penguin. At the end of the hallway was a staircase that led to the Server Hub.

    Old Images


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