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Yume 2kki:Planter Passage

Planter Passage
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Flowerpot Outlands
Somber Establishment
Server Hub Unlock🔑

Removed Connections

Blue Eyes World
Gray Memory


21.纏雑_byやわらか (No. 550C)
21.纏雑_byやわらか (slower) (Interiors) (No. 550D)

Map ID 2002, 2003
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


Planter Passage is an area accessible from the Flowerpot Outlands.

Map of Planter Passage


Planter Passage is a looping area filled with giant flower pots and planters. Some have faces carved into them while others have cracks and soil caked on them. There are chasers in this world resembling blue and black slugs that will wake Urotsuki up if they touch her.

The entrance from the Flowerpot Outlands is nestled in a dense row of flower pots. Three rows above the entrance is a miniature flowerpot with a carved face and a succulent growing from it. Interacting with it leads to the Somber Establishment.

Heading north or south through the dense rows of planters leads to an open area. Heading slightly east then south of the entrance, a planter with a doorway and a carved face can be found after avoiding multiple chasers. The planters beside it are decorated with strange hieroglyphs and the numbers 6, 2, 9, 5. Inside the doorway is a floating blue button with a planter on it. Interacting with it leads to the Server Hub and unlocks the connection between these areas.


After entering the Server Hub from this area: