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    Yume 2kki:Grayscale Bookshelves

    Grayscale Bookshelves
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Grayscale Bookshelf
    Photograph Overture
    Gray Vintage Library

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Shanpu-san
    Connecting Areas

    Heart Maze
    Binding Site
    Wetlands of Tranquility DeadEnd↩️
    Grayscale Mountain Ring DeadEnd↩️
    Broken Faces Area Unlock🔑

    BGM Awind - Grayscale Bookshelves (No. 904A and 904B)
    Awind - memory of sea (Photograph Overture) (No. 906)
    Map ID 3041, 3045, 3211
    Version Added 0.123b
    Last Updated 0.124a patch 1
    Primary Author AcceleratingWind
    Contributing Author(s) Stheven, Nabisae, Colby

    Grayscale Bookshelves is a world accessible from a dark gray vase of flowers in Heart Maze.

    Map of Grayscale Bookshelves


    Grayscale Bookshelves is a looping world with dark gray coloring, featuring various bookshelves, couches to sit on and vending machines which dispense pink and orange juice boxes, as well as a block of ice.

    Going down from the Heart Maze connection and turning right after hitting a bookshelf will lead to a Phoenician letter bēt (𐤁) which connects to Binding Site.

    A gray door in between six bookshelves can be found, leading to the Gray Vintage Library.

    A gradient blue door can be found directly north from the bookshelves, which leads to the Photograph Overture.

    An isolated section of the map can be reached from a pink Shanpu-san in Wetlands of Tranquility. The section’s shape resembles an eye which is made out of blocks with eyes. In the middle of it is a block with the hiragana わ character, which serves as a teleporter to the Grayscale Mountain Ring.

    Photograph Overture

    Photograph Overture comes as a stark contrast: a bright and more vibrant cliff pictured in a photo, with a moving blue sky and water at the bottom.

    Gray Vintage Library

    Gray Vintage Library is a corridor consisting of couches, windows, and statues of Nexus teleporters, with the walls featuring words in Japanese and drawings of other NPCs in the game.

    A row of 11 thin bookshelves can be found. When interacted with, they show the books inside them (see Gallery).

    An connection to Broken Faces Area can be unlocked by entering the red door on the far right side of the library.


    After unlocking the connection between this world and Broken Faces Area: