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Yume 2kki:Broken Faces Area

Broken Faces Area
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Kao to Ude no Tsūro
Face and Arm Passage




WP #125

Events Danger Panic Zone
Notable NPCs

Surimuki, Twintail Monster, Marginal Vivid Worker, Warane-san

Connecting Areas

Floating Red Tiles World
Forlorn Beach House
Fairy Tale Woods
The Baddies Bar
Despair Road
Vase World
Octagonal Grid Hub LockedCondition🔐
Dream Park Locked🔒 Marginal
Library NoEntry
Apartments NoEntry
Flesh Paths World NoEntry
Geometry World NoEntry
Simple Street NoEntry
Miraculous Waters NoEntry
Sweet Medical Utopia

Removed Connections

UFO Chance🍀


soundd (No. 133A)
camellia_japanish (Danger Panic Zone) (No. 125A)
dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm76 (UFO)

Map ID 0016, 0297, 0333, 0494
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

710, oudn, shigurin, maptsuki

The Broken Faces Area is an area easiest accessible from Smokin' HAL in Geometry World.

Annotated map


This area is filled with blood splatters and distorted facial imagery. By going through the mouth of the white face with bleeding eyes and white hands beside it, you'll enter the Danger Panic Zone (化家, Ka-ka, Into House), where a variation of Monochrome Feudal Japan's background music will play and eyeball monsters (resembling fetuses) will move around the screen frantically. The monsters react to a couple of effects: when howling with the Wolf effect, they disappear, when Invisible, they become translucent and cluster around you, and when using the Crossing effect, they stop in their tracks.

Surimuki and Marginal Vivid Worker (two characters that are shown in some books at the Library) appear in this area. Interacting with Marginal Vivid Worker gives you the Marginal effect. By using the Twintails effect near them (or the Twintails mix with the Glasses effect), the Twintail Monster will appear near them.

There is a hexagonal doorway that leads to the UFO. By interacting with the UFO, Urotsuki can access the Fairy Tale Woods and the Forlorn Beach House. There is also a large black pole with a red eye on it that transports you to the Floating Red Tiles World. The walking green man can be seen here, and can transport you to the Baddies Bar when you interact with him. A blue-gray doorway with a light above it can be found to the left of Marginal Vivid Worker, and will take you to the Laboratory.

A gray cloud can be found at the northwest from this doorway, which connects to the Octagonal Grid Hub, but only appears if said area has been entered before. Near the portal to the Danger Panic Zone is a reddish object resembling some kind of organ, that takes the player to the Despair Road, and south of the Danger Panic Zone's entrance is a triangular formation of three bleeding faces, where equipping the Marginal effect will reveal a portal to the western section of Dream Park. This portal can only be found when the player has entered this area from the Dream Park side. There's also a walking blue-haired NPC with a ponytail, which leads to Vase World.

North of the Geometry World entrance and northwest of the Dream Park entrance, there's a pink object that resembles a razor. Interacting with it will lead you to Sweet Medical Utopia.


With the Marginal effect:

  • The Nexus → LibraryBroken Faces Area



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16 (?) +, 297 (?) +, 333 (?) +  and 494 (?) +
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