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    Yume 2kki:Hot Air Balloon World

    Hot Air Balloon World
    Hot air balloon world.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    WP #677

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Red Streetlight World
    Drowsy Forest LockedCondition🔐
    Ninja Town
    Himalayan Salt Shoal
    Upside-down Forest World

    BGM e14 (No. 280C)
    Map ID 1160
    Version Added 0.116b
    Last Updated 0.123e
    Author qxy
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    AirBalloon(badgeY2).png Drifting Balloons

    Hot Air Balloon World is an area accessible from the flickering streetlight in Red Streetlight World.

    Map of Hot Air Balloon World.


    Hot Air Balloon World is a large, looping area filled with yellow and pink hot air balloons, as implied by the name itself, alongside paths of triangles of varying shapes and colors, as well as pyramids that resemble Sierpiński triangles. As you explore this area, you can hear fireworks launched periodically, with the screen flashing from their explosions.

    Slightly northwest of the entrance is a stylized traffic light that leads to Ninja Town. A crescent moon creature with tree roots is visible in the northeastern part of this world. Initially, it doesn't do anything upon interaction, but if the player has viewed Ending #1, it will lead to the Drowsy Forest.

    Traveling a few steps north then east or west of the entrance leads to a chunk of pink rock salt surrounded by hot air balloons and Sierpinski triangles. Interacting with it takes you to Himalayan Salt Shoal. South of the rock salt is a cluster of hanging lanterns that leads to Upside-down Forest World.



    • The Sierpinski Maze, also by qxy, shares the theme of Sierpinski triangles found in this world.