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    Yume 2kki:Himalayan Salt Shoal

    Himalayan Salt Shoal
    Entrance to Hot Air Balloon World
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Iwa Shio Asase
    Rock Salt Shoal

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #689
    WP #768

    Masks Rock Salt
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Hot Air Balloon World
    Heart Pattern Pathway
    Glitched Purgatory Chance🍀 NoReturn➡️

    BGM 散歩_byやわらか (No. 760)
    moseni_fabric (Salt Pools) (No. 772A)
    2_51 (Light Blue Creature's Subarea) (No. 261I)
    egg (Lighthouse) (No. 678B)
    Dyne_Quarry (Bedroom) (No. 831C)
    Dyne_Quarry (slow) (Bedroom) (Dark) (No. 831D)
    休疲_byやわらか (Shoal Dream) (No. 757B)
    Map ID 2533, 2534, 2535, 2536, 3145, 3146
    Version Added 0.121e
    Last Updated 0.124b
    Author Takikomi

    Himalayan Salt Shoal is an area accessible from the chunk of pink rock salt in Hot Air Balloon World.

    Map of Himalayan Salt Shoal.
    Map of the Salt Pools.


    Himalayan Salt Shoal is an expansive sea with relaxing music, containing pink islands with rock salt walls, clear pillars, and a lavender sea floor. In some parts, the sea floor gives way, allowing a view of the dark abyss below. Pyramids and puffy clouds are spread about. Throughout the map are red balloons floating along the wind. Sentient chunks of rock salt roam the shoal with various methods of movement. Interacting with them will make different sounds.

    Northeast of the Hot Air Balloon World entrance is a red construction sign. Slightly southeast of here is a sentient chunk of rock salt stranded on an island in the middle of the abyss.

    Directly west of the Hot Air Balloon World entrance are two parallel rows of pillars. Going between these pillars will teleport Urotsuki to the Salt Pools, a maze with peaceful music. Heading north for a short amount of time, then west, will lead to an odd blue tentacle in a more open section. Interacting with it will produce a dice-rolling noise, and then Urotsuki will be transformed into a slow chunk of Rock Salt, which unlocks the Rock Salt mask in the Dream Wardrobe. Additionally, a flashing balloon will appear by the tentacle, and interacting with it will play a can-opening sound and place Urotsuki below the entrance to the Salt Pools.

    Below the parallel rows of pillars is the warp to Heart Pattern Pathway, which is a chunk of rock salt shaped like a heart. A short distance southwest of here is a standard red vending machine next to a bench.

    Directly west of the Heart Pattern Pathway entrance is a pair of pillars. Heading between them will lead to a secluded path with an intense shift in tone. At the end of this path is a light blue, humanoid creature without a face. Interacting with the creature will produce a strange noise. Chainsawing them will make them disappear and play an unlocking sound. This allows access to the lighthouse by removing the salt in front of the door.

    Further west, past the pair of pillars, is an island with a rock salt sculpture that has some blue accents and a large reddish tentacle. South of this, or southeast of the Hot Air Balloon World entrance, is an abyssal formation resembling the emoticon "^□^". If Variable #44 has a value between 192 and 214, there will be a glitched tile near it that transports Urotsuki to the Glitched Purgatory. Continuing southeast from here will lead to a dark blue creature with a face. Interacting with the dark blue protrusion near it will make its appendage flatten and its face puff out with a thud.

    Above the parallel rows of pillars sits a white and pink-striped lighthouse, which may have a bird resting on the top. The lighthouse's door is initially blocked but can be accessed after chainsawing the blue creature found by moving between the pair of pillars.

    A room akin to the lighthouse's bedroom can be found by entering an open pyramid, northwest of the Hot Air Balloon World entrance. The light from its window will cast a warm glow over Urotsuki, unlike in the lighthouse. Entering the bed will lead to the dream sequence. After attacking the light blue creature, access to this pyramid will be blocked until the world is exited.


    Inside the lighthouse is a cozy pink room. This room contains an NPC with caramel-colored eyes and hair, a green hairclip, and a pink apron. On the wall is a functional light switch, a clock, and a painting of the lighthouse at sunrise or sunset. Their desk has a small lamp, a blue chair and book, a green pencil, and what seems to be a key atop it. In the middle of the room is a dark pink rug similar to Urotsuki's rug. The left side of the room has a small kitchen space, including an oven and a sink.

    Upstairs is a pink bedroom decorated with a giant teddy bear, a heart-shaped table, a large cushion with a cat resting atop it, a closet, and a sunhat or clock hung on the wall. If the lights were turned off downstairs, the bedroom will be dark. On the left side of the room is a window blocked by a construction sign, revealing a landscape at sunset. In the distance, there may be the Twin Mountains. On the right side of the room is a bed which Urotsuki can get in to fall asleep.

    Upon falling asleep in the bed, Urotsuki will be taken to a darker version of the shoal, now with rolling fog. She will be unable to equip any effects and can only roam around the shoal. A chaser is in the area, which resembles one of the sentient rock salt chunks found in the main area, but with black legs. It will quickly seek out Urotsuki and capture her, which will force her to wake up back in the darkened lighthouse bedroom.



    • This area seems to be reminiscent of the Pink Sea and Poniko's House in Yume Nikki.
    • The dark blue creature resembles and acts similar to the Goppa in Yume Nikki.

    Old Images


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