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    Yume 2kki:Mask Folks Hideout

    Mask Folks Hideout
    Masked folks hideout.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Kamen-zoku no Sekai
    Masked Tribe World

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Deep Red Wilds
    Tricolor Passage (Red
    Blue or Yellow Paths)

    BGM bgm075 (No. 066D)
    Map ID 1543
    Version Added 0.116e
    Last Updated 0.116g patch 3
    Author Horatsuki

    Mask Folks Hideout is an area accessible from the mask found in Deep Red Wilds.

    Annotated map of the Mask Folks Hideout


    Mask Folks Hideout is a somewhat large environment of walls and corridors that bear tribal patterns, in addition to murals along the way. Living masks inhabit the area, some of which are situated next to murals. Equipping the Lantern effect will make them follow you. On the other hand, equipping the Chainsaw effect will make them run away from you. The area's appearance resembles the original Yume Nikki's Number World.

    Northeast of the entrance, you can find a door that leads to a room with a lone Mask Folk with a mural behind it. There is a pair of plant-like structures southwest of the entrance. Going between them leads to a room filled with flower-like structures, which contains an orange sign that appears similar to the main entrance. Upon interaction, it leads to the Yellow Path of the Tricolor Passage, where Cactus Desert's entrance can be found. Interacting with the orange flower left of this sign will take you to an isolated section of the Tricolor Passage, where a blob-like creature is located.

    Northeast of the pair of plant-like structures is a small room with an orange sign connecting to the Red Path of the Tricolor Passage.

    By taking the narrow passage west of the entrance and checking the southwestern section from there, you can find a blue hand with an eye on its palm. Chainsawing it will produce a puddle of blood nearby, and doing so repeatedly will make more puddles appear, forming a path that will eventually end in a random wall, including two in the area's northwest section and one in the southeast section. The hand must be chainsawed 15 times to complete the trail.

    By following the trail of blood and interacting with the wall right where the trail ends, you will find yourself in a passage to a river with a docked boat that can be ridden. Note that the secret passage can be accessed without creating the blood trail, though it will be difficult to locate. Traveling east on the boat leads to yet another dock. Going up from there, a door below a full moon can be found, as well as a switch. Stepping on the switch and howling with the Wolf effect will open this door, leading to an orange sign that takes you to the Blue Path of the Tricolor Passage, which then leads to both Pastel Sky Park and Snowman World.