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    Yume 2kki:Tricolor Passage

    Tricolor Passage
    Tricolor passage.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Three-Way Passage

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Shadow ???
    Connecting Areas

    Mask Folks Hideout (Red
    Blue and Yellow Path)
    Heart World (Red Path)
    Pastel Sky Park Wolf (Blue Path)
    Snowman World Wolf (Blue Path)
    Cactus Desert (Yellow Path)

    BGM bgm-d (No. 080C)
    Map ID 1542
    Version Added 0.116e
    Last Updated 0.119h patch 1
    Author Horatsuki

    The Tricolor Passage is a set of isolated strings of colored paths accessible from the various signs in Mask Folks Hideout and from a sign in Heart World.

    Annotated map of Tricolor Passage, which has been modified for easier viewing.


    Tricolor Passage is a large area reminiscent of the original Yume Nikki's Checkered Tile Path, but with three different sections: red, yellow, and blue-colored paths, detached from one another. All paths can be accessed in certain areas through orange signs in Mask Folks Hideout.

    Red Path

    From Heart World, you start off from this path, which is the only looping section of this area. Shadow ???s lurk the path, sending you to an isolated location within the area upon being caught. A point of interest in this section is a blue tentacle-like creature with purple arms and a black-colored face, in the roundabout.

    Proceeding north from the Heart World entrance, then going west, then north and east past the Shadow ??? will bring you to the orange sign that connects to the Mask Folks Hideout's main section.

    Yellow Path

    This is an isolated section accessible from a room of flower-like structures in the Mask Folks Hideout. On the eastern path immediately from the entrance, there is a frog in a cyan dress. If you chainsaw the frog, it will emit a low pitched scream, but it can't disappear. In the northern section, you can find a snail and a passage that leads to the Cactus Desert.

    Blue Path

    Accessible from a hidden gate that you can find from the river in the Mask Folks Hideout, of which can be opened using the Wolf effect; this is another isolated section, where you can find a green rabbit and a bird in the nearby dead ends. Going south, there is a path with masks of varying colors, ending in a lump-like creature that transforms into an eye upon approaching it, which leads to the Pastel Sky Park when interacted with. Heading east, you can find a green and blue present that takes the player to Snowman World.


    • The Nexus → Heart WorldTricolor Passage (Red Path)