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    Yume 2kki:Obstacle Course 2

    Obstacle Course 2
    Obscourse2 1.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    House built like a wall

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Lit Tile Path

    BGM samayou自壁作
    Map ID 1720
    Version Added 0.120c patch 5
    Author Yume wo Samayou

    Obstacle Course 2 is an area accessible from Lit Tile Path.


    The Obstacle Course 2 is a series of small, cyan rooms that mimic the layout of the Obstacle Course. The area starts in a main junction with the same difficulty selection as the original. Currently only the default mode is available, with the red hard mode button hidden behind a construction sign. There is a wooden trapdoor at the bottom of the room that will take you to the only minigame currently implemented. Avoiding the demon with the Bike effect and pressing the wandering button will allow you to open the door at the top, leading to another small room. This room contains a doorway blocked by a construction sign and a stationary demon that will teleport you to the starting room when interacted with.


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