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Bug Maze
Bug Maze.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Shirokuro Konchū Heya
Monochrome Insect Room



Events None
Notable NPCs

Evil Bugs

Connecting Areas

The Hand Hub
Scenic Outlook
Sign World
Mushroom World


Oudn-01 (Bug Maze) (No. 089)
uti-a2 (Jukebox track 1) (No. 027A)
uti-b (Jukebox track 2) (No. 027B)
uti-c (Jukebox track 3) (No. 027C)
Oudn-01old (Bug Maze) (old)
otoshitakeuti-ankoku (Red Bug Maze)
bgm1 (most old Bug Maze)

Map ID 0164


The Bug Maze is an area accessible from The Hand Hub, among other places.

Map of the whole maze


The maze is fairly small, and the path is made up by gray pathways. Moving around the maze are small pink bugs.

Going northeast from the Hand Hub entrance leads to a gray sign. This leads to Sign World.

Further south there is a long path reaching out to the east. Branching off this path vertically there is a red flower that will take you to the Scenic Outlook, and continuing down the path past the flower leads to a green portal that teleports you to Mushroom World.

In the southwest corner of this map there is a large hole. Interacting with it will take you to a small island with a jukebox monolith. This will play music when interacted with, and has 3 similar tracks to hear.


Nexus → Mushroom World → Bug Maze


  • Red Bug Maze: In earlier versions of Yume 2kki upon entering from the Hand Hub entrance, there was a random chance that you would enter a creepier version of the maze. The colors changed from white to red, the music was gone and replaced with an ambient track, and tall red bugs would be on the maze, blocking any portals to the other worlds. If you were caught by them, you would appear in an isolated area with a Venus flytrap.