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    Port City
    Port City.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Midori no Minatochō
    Green Port Town

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Red Streetlight World
    Cuckoo Skyline Express

    BGM None
    Map ID 2182, 2183, 2184, 2185
    Version Added 0.120c patch 3
    Last Updated 0.123b patch 7
    Author towanota

    Port City is an area accessible from Red Streetlight World.


    Port City is a large set of buildings overtaken by plant life, with many pathways featuring mossy stone, flowering vines, or large trees. It also rains in this world at random intervals. The background of this area features a cloudy sky with a large tree and some strange figures in the distance.

    Upon entering from Red Streetlight World, the player will start in a dark room with a red cone that acts as a warp back to Red Streetlight World. Upon exiting the room, the player will begin on a small balcony with a locked door below it. Continuing right, the player will also come across a staircase that can not be accessed. To the right of this stairway is an archway that acts as a warp to a deeper part of the city. Further right from the archway is a small building with barber's poles decorating it and an NPC resembling a capped barber's pole atop the building who will hop up and down when the player walks by. South of the barber's pole building is a small area with pink tables with a doorway with a sign above it to the left of the tables, and further south of this area is a short walkway near the water at the bottom of the city with a clearer view of the background.

    Going into the arch near the inaccessible staircase will lead to a short alley with potted plants, a large water wheel, and some hanging clothes. A vending machine with some plants atop it can also be found here. Heading south in this area under the green ramada will lead to a small balcony. Heading east instead will lead to a room with a large tree as well as a door for accessing the back of the barber's pole building, where a small animal can occasionally be found sleeping on the bench in this room.

    Upon heading into the doorway near the pink tables, the player will end up on an overgrown walkway with flowering vines. Continuing to the left on this walkway will bring the player to a small part of the city with some air tanks. Going through the doorway found on the walkway will lead to a room with a waterfall followed by a shorter walkway with a heavily-vegetated forest. Past the short walkway is a room with a shut paper down depicting a strange creature and several kokeshi, who will bow when the Maiko effect is used.