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    Yume 2kki:Sacred Crypt

    Sacred Crypt
    Sacred crypt.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Puni
    Connecting Areas

    Guardians' Realm NoEntry
    Guardians' Temple NoEntry
    Sixth Terminal NoEntry

    BGM drm_oop_135
    Map ID 1458, 1459, 1460
    Version Added 0.115g
    Last Updated 0.121a
    Author maptsuki

    The Sacred Crypt is a secret area accessible from the Guardians' Realm after fulfilling a series of conditions.


    This area is a dark-purple environment where the central area has stone tablets of all the Guardians, whose placements represent their place in the hierarchy, with the Lesser Guardians being in the outer circle, the Five Guardians in the inner, and the Two Grand Guardians right in the place where you start from. Its structure mirrors the Dream Park, and as you explore the area, you can find some symbols on the walls, along with eggs in the outer sections. You will also encounter a shadow of Urotsuki as a child the moment you enter the area, who would then take her leave before you can explore further.

    By going to this area's analogue of the Guardians' Temple location, you can find a gate to what appears to be a Puni breeding ground and a long staircase leading to a corridor headed west, with the same symbols and stone tablets from the Crypt's main area as you go.

    At the end of the corridor, you will end up in the Sacred Crypt's deepest location, which has two locked doors and stone tablets of the Two Grand Guardians, as well as a shadow of child Urotsuki on the center platform, along with two Torii gates. By approaching the shadow, an event will occur in which Urotsuki will fall unconscious, waking her up as a result.

    Revisiting the area after fulfilling the aforementioned event, you will notice that the eggs in this area have been hatched, with Puni whose appearances are distinct compared to the ones in Dream Park, having red eyes and dark-purple skin.

    If you access this area from the Sixth Terminal, the gate in the area's analogue of the Dream Park's treetop will be unlocked instead. Entering it will lead to a section similar to the aforementioned deepest location, but with a shadow of adult Urotsuki present on the center platform. Approaching the shadow will cause a similar event where Urotsuki falls unconscious, also waking her up.


    Nexus → Marijuana Goddess WorldDark RoomTribe SettlementDream ParkGuardians' Realm → Sacred Crypt