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Yume 2kki:Tribe Settlement

Tribe Settlement
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Genshijin no Mura
Primitive Man Village




WP #146
Kura Puzzle #22

Events None
Notable NPCs Komorin
Connecting Areas

Dark Room
FC Basement
Dream Park Unlock🔑 Twintails


626-india (Main Area) (No. 022B)
yumenikkig_uljp00128 (Riverside Settlement) (No. 024B)

Map ID 0055, 0181
Version Added 0.057
Primary Author 20
Contributing Author(s) maptsuki

The Tribe Settlement is an area accessible from the Konami Room in the Dark Room.

Map of the Tribe Settlement


The area features a tribal village in a small clearing in the midst of a forest. It features seven huts around the edge and a pole on fire set up in the center, flanked by two creatures. There are seven more creatures in front of the pole, bowing before a flame. Chainsawing each creature causes the flame to diminish, as one shakes when the effect is equipped. In the back of the settlement is a riverside path leading to the FC Basement.

Only two of the seven huts are actually occupied. The bottom left hut features several dark creatures being hung from the ceiling, with a rope and planks on either side. The middle-right hut features a sleeping brown creature. Interacting with it causes it to stir. Using the Telephone, Bug, or Wolf effects makes it stir restlessly in its sleep. The Lantern and Trombone effects cause it to smile. The Chainsaw effect won't kill it. The other huts are seemingly empty, save for the upper left hut, which has a door that can be broken by kicking it with the Twintails effect equipped, leading to the eastern section of Dream Park.

River Area

This area has a large river separating the two sides of land. The river can be easily traversed by first using the Teru Teru Bōzu effect to make it rain, then using the Rainbow effect to create a rainbow bridge over the water. Further down on the right, there's a path leading downward, with a staircase at the end leading to the FC Basement. On the other side of the river are a bunch of gray characters with red mouths and eyes, which closely resemble those hanging upside down from the cabin ceiling. This suggests that there is some violent conflict between these two tribes. The Lantern effect will draw these gingerbread things towards Urotsuki, while the Wolf effect will put the fear of God in some of them. Further to the north is Komorin, who will bestow upon you the Bat effect. Upon using the Red Riding Hood effect to take a bite from an apple, her ears will perk up, possibly in hopes that she will finally be fed.

Interestingly, on the other side of the river is another staircase leading to the FC Basement, which at first appears to be one-way, but using the Invisible effect near the blinking eyes will allow you to return.

There is a way to reach the Bat effect without having to directly cross the river, though it requires traversing the FC Basement and using the Invisible effect.