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Yume 2kki:Sakura Forest

Sakura Forest
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Pink Forest




WP #525

Events None
Notable NPCs Banī, BunBun
Connecting Areas

Portrait Purgatory
Shinto Shrine
Butterfly Garden


konaki_loop05 (No. 526B)

Map ID 2051
Version Added 0.119h patch 8
Primary Author JIVV
Contributing Author(s) Nakatsu, Autumn

The Sakura Forest is an area accessible from a colored portrait in Portrait Purgatory.

Annotated map of the Sakura Forest


The area is filled with sakura trees with bright pink petals in full bloom, as well as painting the grass a lighter shade of pink with little yellow flowers scattered among it.

Light gray bunnies are also found throughout the area, who squeak upon being interacted with. Equipping the Bunny Ears will make them happy and give off a more delighted squeak than usual. Howling with the Wolf effect will make them cry and run away frantically, while attempting to use the Chainsaw effect on the bunnies will have Urotsuki make one of her "I can't do that" sounds before being unequipped from her. Using the Spring effect will make the bunnies hop with a happy look on their face.

Entering from Portrait Purgatory, the area is flat with stone lanterns dotted along the path. Heading to the southwest corner of it, you can find a bunny-themed Vending Machine. In the northeast corner, you can find a massive sleeping bunny named BunBun. Equpping the Bunny Ears will wake it up and make it happy. Interacting with it while it's happy will give Menu Theme #53.

Heading to the southeast corner, the player can find a pathway to a hilly section of the map. Making your way down the hills will lead to a wooden bridge with a waterfall roaring in front of it.

On the other side of the bridge is a shrine that is the teleport from Shinto Shrine. Heading down south of it leads to a small, thickly-wooded path that ends with a small blue flower. Interacting with it will take you to Butterfly Garden.