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Yume 2kki:Shinto Shrine

Shinto Shrine
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #99

Events None
Notable NPCs

Maiko Ghost, Namakubi Boy, Vengeful Spirit

Connecting Areas

Monochrome Street
The Circus
The Hand Hub
Maple Shrine Chance🍀 NoReturn
Sakura Forest


loda_Music_01 (Main Area) (No. 035A and 035B)
loda_Music_03 (Namakubi Path) (No. 037A)
yumepo6 (Sakura Path) (No. 006A)

Map ID 0152, 0153, 0155, 0156, 0157, 0158, 0159


The Shinto Shrine is an area accessible from The Hand Hub through the second portal from the entrance, the Monochrome Street, or the Sakura Forest.

Map of the interior


The external area consists of two buildings with several statues, tall trees and Torii gates lining the path. Each gate has a very small chance (1/128) of taking you to the Maple Shrine when you pass under it; this, combined with the 1/15 chance of initially reaching the Maple Shrine, leads to an overall probability of entering the Maple Shrine at around 11.65%.

Additionally, to the left side of the larger building, there is a ghost girl in white top and red skirt. Interacting with the saisen box in front of her will cause you to drop 10 yen into the box, assuming you have enough. Upon donating, Urotsuki can receive one of eight dream fortunes. However, if you are unlucky enough you will get a bad dream fortune (大橋夢) which will result in the clown in Marijuana Goddess World becoming active. If you pull a 'very strange dream' (大奇夢) you will be rewarded with 500 and the aforementioned chaser will no longer be there, making it a fast yet risky way of gaining a lot of money quickly. Despite there being several other objects that appear to be saisen boxes, only this one can be interacted with.

Both buildings lead to the same map, but each to different areas inaccessible to each other. They both also share the same interior design, consisting of red carpeted floors, white and tan walls with sliding doors. They are designed a bit like labyrinths, and the smaller building is in fact a part of the large one.

Inside the smaller building there is a portal to the white alley of The Circus. Alternatively while in the alley, if you walk past the entrance to the Circus, you will come across a long pastel-colored set of stairs, leading up to a separate room of the Shinto Shrine with a red tree-like structure with a black eyeball in its center.

The interior of the larger building is the main entrance to the Shinto Shrine. It is a large labyrinth of corridors, with some rooms free of obstruction. There are a number of spirits wandering throughout (that you cannot chainsaw) and also what appear to be flies.

Inside the largest open room you can sometimes find a Vengeful Spirit. There is also a picture of a cherry blossom branch that will take you to the Namakubi Path, featuring a boy's head in the background. While moving along the path, there is a chance that the screen will turn red, and the boy's face will change to have multiple black eyes and a creepy smiling face.

When you reach the end of the Namakubi Path, you will come to the Sakura Path, in which a girl (who appears to have lost all of her limbs) sits at the base of a cherry blossom tree. She does nothing if you interact with her. There is also a small ledge where you can see a number of cherry blossom trees below.

Inside the larger building an orange Maiko Ghost can be found in a medium-sized room, who will give Urotsuki the Maiko effect if interacted with. From here, heading left and then slightly up after hitting the end of the hallway will lead Urotsuki to a doorway to Sakura Forest.

There is also a portal to the Monochrome Street in the room just above the main entrance, and a purple door leading to the Netherworld can be found in the middle of a long corridor filled with doors.


After visiting The Hand Hub once:


  • Each of the fortunes translate to various types of dreams :
    • 既知夢 (Well-known dream);
    • 生夢 (Lively dream);
    • 初夢 (First dream of the year);
    • 大奇夢 (Very strange dream);
    • 宙夢 (Floating dream);
    • 教夢 (Teaching dream);
    • 据夢 (Fixed dream);
    • 大橋夢 (Great bridge dream), which is a pun on 大凶 (Terrible Luck).