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Yume 2kki:Snowy Pipe Organ

Snowy Pipe Organ
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Pipe Organ




WP #18
#48; KP #14

Events None
Notable NPCs Blue Beret Twin
Connecting Areas

Dark Room
Atlantis Boy, Wolf, Gakuran, Bat

Tricolor Room NoEntry
Library NoEntry


803-1 (No. 009)

Map ID 0053
Version Added 0.056
Author 20

The Snowy Pipe Organ is a small area accessible from the Dark Room.


This area contains a large set of pipes normally seen on a church organ with a railed walkway in front of them. It is also snowing, and if you use the Rainbow effect in this area, the snow will stop and a rainbow will appear above you (you will also gain a new wallpaper).

The second of the Beret Sisters can be found here. If she is standing in the exact position as when you entered (by the right side of the middle pipe), then interacting with her pans the camera upwards and the pipes blow out steam. If the Rainbow effect was used prior to this, the snow begins to fall again, allowing you to reposition the rainbow by using the effect. She is also obstructing the route to a large column with a doorway on it. Equipping the Boy, Gakuran, or Wolf effect will make her walk away from you, and interacting will make her and Urotsuki swap places. You can also get past her using the Bat effect if you marked a location before or after where she usually stands, or by killing her with the Chainsaw effect.

Through this doorway is a grand piano surrounded by pastel water, where you will land if you enter from the Tricolor Room. Touching it will send you to Atlantis.


With a 25% Chance and Chainsaw:

  • The Nexus → LibrarySnowy Pipe Organ