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    Yume 2kki:Solstice Forest

    Solstice Forest
    Solstice Forest.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Famished Scribbles Area NoEntry
    Urotsuki's Dream Apartments LockedCondition🔐 NoEntry
    Bright Forest
    Winter Valley
    Opal Ruins A

    BGM se018-0016 (No. 287D)
    kaibets_Anon (Deeper) (No. 377B)
    n3-NiT (Entrance from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments)
    Map ID 1341
    Version Added 0.112i patch 1
    Last Updated 0.121d patch 2
    Author Kontentsu

    The Solstice Forest is a map accessible from the Famished Scribbles Area.

    Map of the Solstice Forest (as of 0.120c)


    The Solstice Forest is an almost linear area with some secret passages between the trees. From the entrance, the head of a blue flower-like creature on a stick can be found at the side of a passage, which teleports Urotsuki to a corridor close by. Going east from there, a body of water surrounded by trees can be found, followed by a narrow passage which divides into two paths:

    • The northern path leads directly to the Winter Valley.
    • The southern path leads to a deeper, darker section of the forest, which contains a lake surrounded by various paths. After entering this area, it is impossible to go back, with the entrance being blocked by construction cones and mysterious dark figures. They react normally to the Crossing effect, and equipping the Chainsaw effect makes them attempt to flee. These same figures appear to inhabit this southern part of the forest. Northeast from here, a pool of water houses a red smiling fork-shaped creature which reacts to the Wolf, Insect and Crossing effects accordingly. A hidden path in the west of the forest leads to a disembodied red hand, and another path northwest of here leads to a somber area with the dark figures floating in the water.
      • Southwest of this area, one can find a secluded path through the foliage, and at the end is a gate to Opal Ruins A.
        • Through the trees past this gate is an NPC with an eye swimming in a small pond. They react to multiple effects, such as becoming red and faceless when equipping the Glasses effect. Using the Wolf effect makes them back away, and equipping the Chainsaw effect makes them flee quicker. Using the Insect effect attracts them closer, and using the Invisible effect makes them invisible as well. Interestingly, equipping the Marginal effect turns them into a blue creature with a smiling red face, and equipping the Teru Teru Bōzu effect distorts their features. Lastly, they react normally to the Crossing effect.
      • On the other hand, heading southeast and continuing to go east will eventually lead to the Bright Forest.


    The Nexus → Oil Puddle WorldDigital ForestFinger Candle WorldObsidian PlainsOriginator GardenFluorescent HallsFamished Scribbles AreaSolstice Forest

    The Nexus → Oil Puddle WorldDigital ForestFluorescent HallsFamished Scribbles AreaSolstice Forest

    The Nexus → Urotsuki's Dream ApartmentsSolstice Forest


    • This area is very similar to the Dark Forest, Forest Pier, and Statue Forest.
    • This world is located in the same map as Winter Valley.
      • Prior to version 0.115 Patch 4, Winter Valley had its own map.

    Old Images