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    Yume 2kki:Fluorescent Halls

    Fluorescent Halls
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Hanka Dōu
    Prosperous Road

    Effects EffectNone

    Menu Theme #37

    Events None
    Notable NPCs 01-kun
    Connecting Areas

    Originator Garden NoEntry
    Famished Scribbles Area NoReturn➡️
    Laundromat Unlock🔑
    Digital Forest Unlock🔑
    Red Marbling World LockedCondition🔐

    Removed Connections

    Sugar Road

    BGM bgm049_2x (No. 352B)
    yumepo7 (Crimson Triangle Path) (No. 470A)
    ライト (old Fluorescent Halls)
    Map ID 1266, 1307, 1308
    Version Added 0.112i patch 1
    Last Updated 0.123e
    Primary Author Kontentsu
    Contributing Author(s) aediorugap

    The Fluorescent Halls is an area accessible from the Originator Garden.

    Map of Fluorescent Halls


    The Fluorescent Halls is a big area full of colorful, flashing creatures, which normally react to the Chainsaw effect and the Crossing effect. Using the Stretch effect will stop these creatures from moving. Some structures like faces, flashing cones and flashing barriers can also be found in the area.

    Entrances blocked by Red Construction Signs can be found across the area, indicating the possibility of future expansions.

    An entrance can be found by going directly southeast from the entrance, which leads to a small, reddish maze named Crimson Triangle Path, whose name is descriptive of red triangles that compose the paths in the area. A flashing hand can be found at the top of the maze, which leads to the Famished Scribbles Area.

    Another passage can be found northwest until you meet two blue blocks, going between them will take you to the Laundromat.

    Going north from the entrance, you will find a portal that takes you to Digital Forest and unlocks the connection from there to here. Further northeast from this portal lurks a smiling creature with triangles for legs, who will give you Menu Theme #37 upon interaction.

    By going east from the connection to Digital Forest, a wandering NPC with a distinct shape and lack of color can be found. Interacting with it will do nothing if the player has not visited Red Marbling World, but visiting that world once will allow it to transport you to Red Marbling World.


    The Nexus → Oil Puddle WorldDigital ForestFinger Candle WorldObsidian PlainsOriginator GardenFluorescent Halls

    The Nexus → Urotsuki's Dream ApartmentsSolstice ForestBright ForestThe Second NexusOriginator GardenFluorescent Halls

    The Nexus → Oil Puddle WorldDigital ForestFluorescent Halls


    • Prior to version 0.115i, this world bore a huge resemblance to Yume Nikki's Neon World, being a large area with a grid-like structure.
    • Prior to version 0.115 Patch 4, this world connected to Sugar Road instead of Digital Forest.


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