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    Yume 2kki:Spiked Fence Garden

    Spiked Fence Garden
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Kare no Niwa
    His Garden

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #797

    Events Mouse's Friend
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Spore Forest
    Cliffside Woods
    Haniwa Ruins

    BGM 2kki bgm 02 (No. 363B)
    Map ID 1547, 1658, 2127
    Version Added 0.119a
    Last Updated 0.123b patch 4
    Author Horatsuki

    The Spiked Fence Garden is an area accessible through either the two pillars in Cliffside Woods or the strange passageway in Spore Forest.

    Map of the Spiked Fence Garden


    The Spiked Fence Garden is a horizontally-looping, sandy area swathed in a thin mist and dotted with large patches of grass, flowers, trees (a few of which seem to be bearing fruit), and most notably, large, brown block structures with strange illustrations or faces carved onto them. Its northern and southern sections are segregated by an eponymous fence of long, wooden stakes. By entering through Cliffside Woods' pillars, you will wind up in the area's southern segment; by Spore Forest, you'll find yourself in the northern area.

    The south zone is mostly barren of life aside from the trees and flowers you may find here. By traveling immediately east of the entrance through Cliffside Woods, however, you will find a brown structure with a large opening. By entering it, you will be lead into a short, underground tunnel that takes you to the opposite side of the fence, where a blue, cycloptic cat can be seen peeping its head through the area's wall, and will watch you as you cross to the other side. Using the Wolf effect, it will meow loudly at you in response.

    The northern zone can be reached via the Spore Forest entrance or by going through the aforementioned tunnel. East from the entrance, you can find a large, mouse-like creature holding one of the fruits from the tree, where it may be chainsawed, but cannot be killed. If Variable #44 is 200 or higher, determined upon sleeping, a blonde boy may be seen standing beside it, enjoying one of the fruits with the mouse.

    Otherwise, this same blonde boy can be found somewhere in the garden, and reacts to a variety of effects:

    • The Fairy and Haniwa will draw him toward you.
    • The Chainsaw and Bug effects will repel him.
    • Activating the Crossing effect changes his face into a large mouth with gnashing teeth.

    By going southwest of the entrance to the tunnel, you will find a gateway leading to the entrance from Spore Forest. Continuing further southwest takes you to a large Haniwa sculpture. Entering it will thereby take you to Haniwa Ruins.

    The boy's room can be accessed from somewhere in the area if Variable #44 is 150 or higher.