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Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #257

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Dark Museum NoEntry
Concrete World

Removed Connections

Flying Fish World
Japan Town


dedp_e3 (No. 025A)

Map ID 0118
Version Added 0.069
Author dedp

The Museum is an area accessible through the fifth plant pot at the end of the far right corridor using the Glasses effect after turning on the switch next to the Buddha statue in the Dark Museum.

Map of The Museum


The Museum is an area with multiple rooms, blue floors and walls, and oddly shaped doorways.There are a number of items on display, including a Buddha statue, an unusable telephone, and a cross. Interacting with the Buddha statue with the Glasses effect equipped will unlock Wallpaper #257. Light switches can be found in some of the showrooms that give the world a blue tint when flipped.

When first entering from the Dark Museum, you will arrive in a dark room with a circle of light surrounding Urosuki. There is a display case in this room showing off a few artifacts, including some Egyptian mummies. Interacting with the plant that brought you here will transport you to the main hall.

By going down from the main hall, leaving through the doorway will take you to the main area of Concrete World. Another exit in a room to the west will take you to an isolated area on top of one of the Concrete World's cheese buildings, with a constantly shifting NPC which resembles some of the drawings in Flying Fish World.



  • In previous versions, the Glasses effect could be obtained here by interacting with the glasses on the pedestal in one of the rooms.