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    Yume 2kki:Sweets Chaos

    Sweets Chaos
    Sweets Chaos.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Clover
    Connecting Areas

    Serene Garden NoEntry
    Cocoa Trap Streets DeadEnd↩️ NoReturn➡️

    BGM jjj_clips (Entrance) (No. 838C)
    nanika_sweet (No. 946)
    fd-chords (Colors Maze) (No. 855D)
    Dyne_Quarry (Isolated Area) (No. 831E)
    Map ID 2825, 2826, 2829, 2830
    Version Added 0.123c patch 2
    Last Updated 0.123e patch 3
    Author Stheven

    Sweets Chaos is an area accessible from a pink flower in Serene Garden.

    Map of Sweets Chaos
    Map of Sweets Chaos: Colors Maze


    Colors Maze

    Colors Maze is a medium, non-looping area that can be found in one of the marshmallow houses.

    By going northwest, one may find a blue, golden and red-and-black goat. Interacting with them will make them bleat.

    If the player continues going north, they will find an axolotl, the ones found in several worlds such as Axolotl Abode, upon interacting with them, the player will be sent to Cocoa Trap Streets.


    With the Fairy and Rainbow effects:

    With the Fairy and Rainbow effects and 10 Yume (夢):

    With the Rainbow effect, if the connection from Rainbow Snow Plateau to Verdant Nexus is unlocked: