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    Yume 2kki:Ancient Crypt

    Ancient Crypt
    Ancient Crypt.PNG
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Kodai iseki
    Ancient Ruins

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #263

    Events Ancient Rave
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Crimson Labyrinth
    Radiant Stones Pathway
    Entropy Dungeon Glasses
    Earth Brick World
    Derelict Bricks

    Removed Connections

    Deserted Pier

    BGM Cave (No. 243A)
    yama-loop1 (Rave Horse Event) (No. 158B)
    Map ID 1037
    Version Added 0.109i
    Last Updated 0.123e
    Author ROKU95

    The Ancient Crypt is a small area accessible from the Teleport Rune in the Crimson Labyrinth.

    Map of the Ancient Crypt


    The Ancient Crypt is a maze-like area, carved out of stones of odd and varied colors. It acts as a bit of a maze, similar to areas such as Yume Nikki's FC Dungeon, the FC Basement, and the last section of Monochrome GB World, where travel between the various areas is facilitated by staircases that lead up and down.

    Immediately from the entrance, it is possible to head south and weave through the tunnels to arrive at an additional floor that houses an NPC that appears to resemble an Unown with four jellyfish-like tails, which is located beyond an area blocked off with three construction barricades.

    In the tunnel before you reach this NPC if you equip the Glasses effect you can find a golden leaf which when interacted with will take you to the Entropy Dungeon. This part of the area has branching paths; taking the other path will have the player weave through a different, and much longer, set of tunnels.

    Halfway through the area, the colors will change, increasing in saturation. At this point, the player can head north to find a brown barrel sitting at the end of a corridor, which when interacted with will show an image of an abstract being with many faces, flashing in many colors. After here, travel to the end of the area continues to be linear, and eventually ends in a portal to the Radiant Stones Pathway.

    Before reaching the tunnel with the colorful abstract being, take the northwest staircase, and then the southeast staircase. Continue through the tunnel until a downward staircase is reached; descend it and continue down to find a Teleport Rune that will transport you to Earth Brick World.



    • The Unown-like NPC used to lead to the Deserted Pier. As of 0.109i Patch 2, this connection has been removed due to the controversy surrounding it.
    • The area was expanded in version 0.123e.