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    Yume 2kki:System Sounds

    System Sounds are the game's menu navigation sound effects, which can be chosen by the player through the tools menu on Urotsuki's Computer, right after selecting a Menu Theme.

    Currently, there are 8 System Sounds that can be selected in the game.

    Each pack of System Sounds is listed below in order according to the computer menu with a brief description of where it can be found.

    Name Location Condition(s) Image
    System Sounds #0 None Default system sound
    System Sounds #1 Urotsuki's Room Obtained at the beginning of the game.
    System Sounds #2
    System Sounds #3
    System Sounds #4 Data Stream Obtained alongside Menu Theme #34. Data stream menu theme.png
    System Sounds #5 Nightfall Park Found by interacting with a flashing human figure at the docks in the lake section. Nightfall park dock human figure.png
    System Sounds #6 Portrait Collection Found by interacting with the orb below the key-like object. Soundsys6.png
    System Sounds #7 Faraway Lands Found by interacting with the glass sphere. FL2.png
    System Sounds #8 Snow Black Found inside the Keyhole, which is accessible from a purple lock by interacting with the NPC in Fragmented Station A, turning off the snow and interacting with the seven locks in Snow Black to reveal it. Blacksnow5.png