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    Yume 2kki:Thrift Shop

    Thrift Shop
    Thrift Shop.png
    Entrance to Retro Cartridge Game
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Masks Toy Urotsuki, Topdown Sprite
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Vivian
    Connecting Areas

    Nefarious Chessboard
    Retro Cartridge Game
    Foggy Remnants
    Omurice Labyrinth Unlock🔑 Twintails
    House of Vases

    BGM ann (No. 064C)
    Map ID 2268
    Version Added 0.120d patch 6
    Last Updated 0.123
    Primary Author Bean
    Contributing Author(s) Yasakoten

    Thrift Shop is an area accessible from the Nefarious Chessboard.

    Annotated map of Thrift Shop.


    Thrift Shop, as the name implies, is a thrift shop with tons of different items. There are many people shopping here, scattered throughout the area.

    Starting from the Nefarious Chessboard, you'll arrive in a room that's full of shopping carts. Near the left side of the room, you'll see a poster with a creature from Pudding World and an arrow pointing left. Sticking to the left side will let you see the adjacent room; in it, you'll be able to see some tiny Urotsuki toys surronding a comically large Urotsuki.

    If you go down in the room with the shopping carts, you'll arrive near a board featuring Urotsuki's face, in an area with some closed gates, of which the rightmost one will be open. On the top right side of this room, going up the path near the board featuring a yen symbol will bring you to a room with a photo booth (see below).

    Going down into the next room instead, you will find cans and another Pudding Person poster. You can use the Twintails effect to kick down the sign on the right, which will allow you to access a red-yellow puddle from a lone can. Stepping into the middle of the puddle will transport you to Omurice Labyrinth.

    Further down into the next room, you will be in a larger area filled with store shelves and faceless shoppers. At the very left of this area is a big metal grate of sorts with some pink substance oozing out from the bottom. It lies in the middle of the room facing east and when walked through, will lead to Foggy Remnants. Continuing through the top right doorway will lead you to a room full of TVs, one of which is static-filled. Interacting with it will bring you to Retro Cartridge Game.

    In the room with the photo booth, you'll find an Urotsuki toy in a box. Interacting with the box will temporarily turn you into a tiny (but surprisingly fast) Toy Urotsuki. Going into the photo booth will let Urotsuki take a picture for 10 Yume (夢), and interacting with the left side of the booth will let you see the picture, which will just show our usual, sleepy Urotsuki. There's a small chance for Urotsuki to have a completely blank face and a silhouette behind her in the picture. Trying to take more than one photo without exiting and re-entering the room will just play one of Urotsuki's «i can't» lines. There's also a small chance of finding another girl in the photo booth, and you'll be able to see her picture as well.

    If you go up again, you'll arrive in a room full of Urotsuki toys. Three of these will act as chasers, and if they get you, they'll turn Urotsuki into a toy and deposit her into a wall. From here, you'll only be able to wake up, use the Eyeball Bomb effect, or fly out with the Bat effect if it was set prior to being caught. However, if you get caught after taking a photo in the photo booth, the chasers will instead drop you in front of the photo booth.

    After you manage to go down through the left side, avoiding the three chasers in the process, you'll arrive to a narrow room that has a bin in the middle of the two already mentioned boards. Interacting with it will play canned applauses and cheers. Going down again will lead you to a room that has a connection to House of Vases at the bottom. There is also a small cartridge, and interacting with it will turn Uro's menu and world sprite into the same one seen in Topdown Dungeon. Interacting with the weird jar at the top left will take you back to the room with the Foggy Remnants connection.



    • This area features several signs depicting the walking pudding candles from Pudding World.
    • Before version 0.122f, there used to be a sub-area called Bathroom Sector which was a small, continuous looping area of urinals and sinks.

    Old Images