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Yume 2kki:FC Basement

FC Basement
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

FC Chika Danjon
FC Underground Dungeon




WP #148

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Monochrome Feudal Japan
Tribe Settlement
Topdown Dungeon


RIMA-bgm-Chip003 (No. 181)

Map ID 0320
Version Added 0.094f
Author 20

The FC Basement is an area accessible from the Tribe Settlement.

Map of the FC Basement


This area is a collection of rooms with maroon floors (that silence your footstep noises), connected by staircases. It is inhabited by many unique NPCs.

Arriving from the lower river bank in the Tribe Settlement leads you to a room with six different NPCs and a bench. If you take the staircase near the red floating one-eyed monster, you will find yourself in the Mini-Maze.

If you arrive from the upper bank, you'll enter a room containing a wall with six eyes on it, with seemingly no way back. However, activating the Invisible effect and going upstairs near the eyed wall allows you to reach the upper section of the Tribe Settlement at any time. There is also a red-eyed NPC in this room which hides in a box. It follows you with its eyes and interacting with it makes the box close. If you equip the Chainsaw near this creature, it'll start looking around nervously.

You might also encounter a C-shaped room which leads to a monochrome area. Ascending the stairs here will take you to Monochrome Feudal Japan. Near the stairs that lead there is a white staircase leading to Topdown Dungeon.

There are many immobile plant-like figures with orbs scattered around the basement. When chainsawed, two of them briefly change their form before vanishing. One of these plants can be found in the room with the Topdown Dungeon connection.

One of the rooms is divided by a white and red NPC blocking the passage. Killing him with the Chainsaw effect allows you to pass through freely. He can also be forced to move out of the way with the Wolf effect. Interacting with him changes his appearance, depending on which side you interact with. For example, doing it from the left renders him invisible.

Another notable room contains four soldiers in the midst of a crossfire. Encountering them unlocks Wallpaper #148.



  • There are multiple instances of impossible geometry within the maze. For example, a connection between two staircases leading up.
  • This area likely pays homage to the FC Dungeon from Yume Nikki.