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    Yume 2kki:Unfamiliar City

    Unfamiliar City
    Unfamiliar City.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs PuraPura
    Connecting Areas

    Rainy Woods Path

    BGM amb1_yutoper (No. 888)
    jjj_zitherbeat (Race) (No. 890A)
    jjj_zitherbeat (fast) (Final Lap) (No. 890B)
    Map ID 2815
    Version Added 0.123a patch 2
    Primary Author Nadeko
    Contributing Author(s) 21keb

    Unfamiliar City is an area accessible from the tunnel at the end of Rainy Woods Path.

    Map of Unfamiliar City


    When entering from Rainy Woods Path, you will be greeted by a residential area filled with red brick buildings, most multiple floors tall, with some balconies adorned by plants. The area has sidewalks and paved roads, streetname signs and many road signs. Trash cans and cardboard boxes litter the alleys. In addition, a number of small parks and grassy areas can be seen. The breeze appears to be blowing through the grass. The residents of the city seem to be differently colored, human-like outlines.

    On the upper left side, a row of large modern houses can be seen that are slightly oriental. Further north, there is a row of towering glass skyscrapers where birds flap their wings in the distance.

    In the center, towards the right side, a large multi-lane road crosses the map vertically. A distant view of a feminine silhouette bearing a red mark can be seen in the northeastern skyline. Further south, a diagonally striped baseball field contains an outlined resident enjoying a picnic. To the southeast, a river runs through the city, and there are rubber ducks with top hats floating along it.

    Northeast of the Rainy Woods Path entrance is a neon green resident who, upon interaction, begins a race through the city. Other residents watch from the sidelines. The majority of the city will be blocked off with green barriers and red cancel signs. There will be red construction barricades with a symbol that indicates they are able to be chainsawed, as well as purple outlined residents that change the tint of the screen when bumping into them. Further into the race, all kinds of residents block the paths, and crossing a certain point will make the purple tint disappear. Near the end of the race, by the last group of red barricades, heading west into an alley will lead to a box with eyes peeking out, apparently belonging to PuraPura. Upon finishing the race, an amount of Yume (夢) will be awarded, which seems to be based on how quickly the race was finished.

    Three doors can be found throughout the city, each blocked by signs that depict emotions. The doors have unique objects on them, such as an animated pink face, a red eye peeking through, or a blinking eye-like hole. Cones block some of the paths through the city, including a road near an emotional sign in the southeastern corner.