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Amillusion:Crazy Maze

Crazy Maze
Amillusion Crazy Maze.png
Basic Info
Keys EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Greek Maze
Abyss Brambles

BGM danse
danse (hit the heart 1 time)
danse (hit the heart 2 times)
danse (hit the heart 3 times)
Danse folle (hit the heart 4 times)
danse (hit the heart 5 times)
Map ID 0145

The Crazy Maze is an area accessible from a large doorway in the Greek Maze.

Map of Crazy Maze


WARNING: It isn't recommended to enter this area in its current state if you get motion sickness easily.

This world is a small purple colored maze with brick walls that have strange symbols plastered on them, including two of them which have red eyes. When entering this world for the first time, there is nothing except a floating heart.

Attacking the floating heart with the Brambles key five times will permanently unlock access to the Abyss. After hitting the heart once, the entrance to the Greek Maze will be barred off. Completing the event will visually remove the bars, but access will still be restricted, even on subsequent visits.

Each time the heart is damaged, it will teleport away and constant move away from Danaë, and the area will gain a visual obstruction. One of the obstructions is many creatures that push Danaë, and they can be frightened away if she uses the Cosplay key or killed with the Brambles key to get them out of Danaë's way. Another obstruction is the screen violently (and frankly, nauseatingly) shaking from side to side constantly.


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