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Amillusion:Dalí Phantasmagoric World

Dalí Phantasmagoric World
Amillusion Dalí Phantasmagoric World.png
Basic Info
Keys EffectChewing Gum
Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Ssendam Enilaroc
Abstract Art World

BGM melasse
Map ID 0141

Dalí Phantasmagoric World is an area accessible from either a door in Abstract Art World or an NPC found in Ssendam Enilaroc.


In this area, you can find the Chewing Gum, but to get it, you need to use the Green Mouse key. With it equipped, press Shift to turn into a snail and make rain fall. Doing so will cause the orb to melt, revealing the key.

Map of Dalí Phantasmagoric World


The Nexus → Residential Corridor WorldAbstract Art World → Dalí Phantasmagoric World

The Nexus → Musical Orbs WorldSsendam Enilaroc → Dalí Phantasmagoric World