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Deep Dreams:Bath House

Bath House
Bath house.png
Basic Info


Events Spa Day
Notable NPCs Marina, Gummi, Illumihottie, Sea Creature, Angel Jellyfish, Flo
Connecting Areas

Mauve Shoal
Water Mill


Fishbowl Circus

Map ID 0014, 0015, 0093
Annotated map of the area.

The Bath House is an area accessible from the house on the jellyfish-shaped island in Mauve Shoal.


This area is a large maze-like bathhouse. The location itself consists of various cubic formations interconnected by stairs. They are made of what appears to be either stained glass or decorated ceramic tiles. Pools of different sizes can also be found, which may or not be occupied by one of the many NPCs in this area.


There are several connections and points of interest to be found in this world. The following are directions on how to reach them:

  • Starting from the Mauve Shoal entrance, going up the stairs three times and then to the east will take you to the entrance of the Water Mill.
  • Starting from the Mauve Shoal once again, go down the stairs twice, then to the right and go up the stairs three times, from there go to the right and then go down the stairs four times. This will take Mariana to the Spa, where Flo is located, as well as the Spa Day event.
  • Starting from the Mauve Shoal yet again, go up the stairs twice and then all the way to the left, then go down the stairs 5 times and finally go to the left until you reach the entrance to the Palace.


Nexus → Mauve Shoal → Bath House


  • This world holds the record for the most amount of unique NPCs in a single world.
  • Both Marina and Flo were first introduced in Noildoof's Yume 2kki worlds before making official cameo appearances in Deep Dreams. This technically makes both characters Yume 2kki originals rather than Deep Dreams exclusives.