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Deep Dreams:Water Mill

Water Mill
Water Mill.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Misterious Girl
Connecting Areas

Bath House
Antennae Field


Edge of Ocean B

Map ID 0017, 0069, 0094
Annotated map of the area

The Water Mill is an area accessible from either one of the doorways in the Bath House, or the River.


The Water Mill is a big, industrial construction containing many water bodies all over the bulding that form various waterfalls as it goes down to what appears to be a river.

Assuming that the player has entered this place from the Bath House, going up the stairs and taking the one to the right to go down again and keep descending will eventually take you to a metallic pier. Taking the stairs in the southest section of the pier will take Mariana to the River.

Back to the Bath House's entrance, if the player decides to go up instead by taking the stairs next to the ones used to to descend will eventually take Mariana to the uppermost section of the Water Mill. After going through a long corridor, you'll encounter a small door to the north, and a Misterious Girl sitting on the rooftop of one of the buildings right next to the door.

Opening the door and taking the elevator will take Mariana to the Antennae Field.


Nexus → Mauve ShoalBath House → Water Mill


Nexus → Ashy DesertMushroom CavernRiver → Water Mill