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Deep Dreams:Mauve Shoal

Mauve Shoal
Mauve shoal.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Pastel House
Bath House


Peaceful Mind

Map ID 0005

The Mauve Shoal is an area accessible from the ladder in the Nexus.

Annotated map of the area.


This area is a large shoal, very similar in appearence to Yume Nikki's Pink Sea, with a few extra decorations, most notably a lot of black algae, some black or white stone formations and two non-conic Houses. From an aerial view, the ground forms various shapes and patterns, such as a star, a jellyfish, a heart with a long tail, and a symbol identical to one of the many Sharingan patterns.

Coming from The Nexus, going slightly west and then all the way to the north, you'll end up in the star-shaped land formation. From there, going northwest once again will take you to the jellyfish-shaped land formation, where the entrance to the Bath House is located.

From this point, going all the way to the north will take you to the heart-shaped land formation, where a small house is located, entering it will take Mariana to the Pastel House.


Nexus → Mauve Shoal



As said before, this world is the Deep Dreams equivalent of Yume Nikki's Pink Sea.