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Dotflow:Minor Characters

There are many NPCs in .flow. They are often tied together with theories and are possibly part of Sabitsuki's past.

Effect NPCs

NPCs that give Sabitsuki effects. Notably, some fill additional roles outside of giving an effect and can be found in other places throughout the game.


Found in Music World, this NPC gives the Headphones Effect.

Ghost Women

A pair of ghosts found in Plant World and Flower World, who give the Watering Can and Ghost effects respectively.


A disembodied eye found in Dysmorphic World, which gives the Mono Eye Effect.


A girl, seemingly a friend of Sabitsuki's, found in several places. She gives the Diving Helmet effect in Submarine World.


A cat found in the Rainbow Maze, who gives the Cat effect.


An 8-bit witch in Famicon World, who gives the Broom effect.

Dead Onigo

A dead Onigo in the Womb Maze who gives the Viscera effect.

Psychedelic Alien

Found in Psychedelic Town, this NPC gives the Psychedelic effect at the end of a teleport maze.


A rotting corpse found in the Prison, who gives the Corpse effect.

School Girl

A familiar-looking schoolgirl found in the School, who gives the Uniform effect.


A boy with cross/plus tattoos/markings over their eyes found in numerous areas. He gives the Tattoo effect in the School.

Other Characters

FlowChar3.png Cleaner

Gas mask wearing maids that can be primarily found in Sugar Hole, although they appear in other locations sparingly. They are sometimes referred to as "Gas Mask Maids," although lol's official art confirms that their intended, canonical names are Cleaners.

They are cordial and friendly towards Sabitsuki; interacting with them will cause them to politely bow towards her, and they will also bow if she curtsies to them with the Dress Effect. The one behind the bar in the Sugar Hole will also offer Sabitsuki snack cakes and tea in exchange for yen. Eating these meals will reduce the Erosion Counter and can eventually unlock new areas, a certain event, and even unlock a unique Menu Type.

One notably stands guard next to the Daruma Effect in the Sugar Hole's Cleaner World subarea, although she behaves identically to other Cleaners.


The Cleaners will all disappear once Rust's chapter begins.

Cleaners are prominent in the game's last two endings exclusive to Rust, where they seem very hostile towards her, outright attacking her in the game's final ending.

Spoilers end here.

FlowDoctor.pngFlowNurse.pngDoctor and Nurse

Two medical workers that can be seen in a room in the Hospital. Neither react to the Handgun, and only the nurse will react to the Whistle. They both can be killed with the Iron Pipe, and the doctor will leave behind a pair of glasses upon death. Neither of them respawn after being killed.

The nurse can also be found wandering around a room between Plant Corridors and Illusionary Corridors covered in plants.

FlowChar6.png Fetuses

Chasers that reside in the Deranged Mouth Worlds of the Visceral World. While they seem to move slowly, they occasionally gain tremendous bursts of speed and charge towards Sabitsuki; even with the Broom Effect, it is rather difficult to avoid them. Getting caught by them will forcibly unequip her current Effect with a burst of static, instead of transporting her to an inescapable area. Equipping the Television Effect and using it in these worlds will show a channel that appears to depict the screen coated in blood or rust.

They're sometimes referred to as "demons," oftentimes in the community, due to their appearance. Their canonical names, Fetuses, comes from the name of the switch that causes the Television effect to exclusively tune to the aforementioned channel.

Getting caught by one will raise the Erosion Counter by 3 points.


After Sabitsuki discards her Effects and becomes Rust, Fetuses become the game's main Chasers, replacing all Kaibutsu, and even appearing in areas that were otherwise safe. Fetuses will physically injure Rust if she is caught by them, her appearance growing more bloodied and maimed as she loses health. Rust can take damage 15 times from Fetuses before she collapses and dies from her injuries, forcing her to wake up.

Enormous Fetuses will chase Rust throughout the Corrupted School event and will instantly kill her on contact.

Spoilers end here.

DotFlowMetalTan.png Gisokuko

A mysterious girl that Sabitsuki can find in sea, and what may be a younger version of her in the Hospital. Named for her prosthetic legs.

If she is killed, she will never respawn.

DotFlowHana.png Hanako

A NPC that can be found in the Illusionary Corridors, surrounded by plants and two heart monitors. She gives Sabitsuki the flower Menu Theme.

HospitalChildren.png Hospital Children

Children in hospital gowns found wandering the Back Ward, Illusionary Corridors, and Sunset. Some of the ones in Illusionary Corridors can be found with plants covering their bodies.

FlowInnerDemon.png Inner Demon


An NPC resembling a heavily maimed Sabitsuki with the horns of a Fetus found at the end of the Rust Corridor. Rust must kill her to leave the Rust Corridor and access the Rust Ending, making her effectively the game's "final boss."

Rust can also see her reflected in the Sweet Sugar's mirror.

Spoilers end here.

FlowOrangeJelly.png Jelly

Orange blobs found in the Apartments and Reverse Apartments. They rarely drop down from the ceiling in certain rooms, which can make for a potent scare.

Kaibutsu1.png Kaibutsu

Kaibutsu are the game's main chasers. They appear as somewhat bloodied students in uniform when passive, although they become much more bloodied and frenzied if angered. Getting caught by them will trap Sabitsuki in inescapable areas and will also slightly raise her Erosion Counter, depending on which area she was caught in.


Kaibutsu are completely replaced by Fetuses once Rust's chapter begins.

Spoilers end here.

FlowChar5.png Bar Kaibutsu

A lone Kaibutsu that sometimes appears at the Sugar Hole bar. While normally passive to Sabitsuki, they will violently retaliate if Sabitsuki attempts to kill them.

Shinsoku Kaibutsu

A typically passive Kaibutsu located in Blood Maze. If struck by the Iron Pipe, or if another Kaibutsu/Oreko has been struck in the same flow session, they will become aggressive and move at extremely high speeds. Sabitsuki cannot outrun it under any circumstances without utilizing debug tools to increase her speed to RPGMaker's maximum. If it catches you, it'll send you to an isolated section of the Orange Laboratory and raise the Erosion Counter by 10 points.

Its name, meaning "godspeed", comes from an in-game switch that triggers when the NPC is struck.

FlowLittleSabitsuki.png Little Sabitsuki

A small child resembling Sabitsuki. They can be found in several areas in the game. Notably in the Parade Ward, where they can be found in a hospital bed. Their current condition depends on the Erosion Counter; while they'll seem to be in good health if it is very low, they will quickly grow extremely ill if it increases. If the Erosion Counter is at or above 100 when visiting said bed, they will give the Rust Menu Theme when interacted with.

Music World Creatures

Several bright neon creatures that roam Music World. Similar to Yume Nikki's Neon Creatures, they come in various abstract shapes and sizes.

FlowOnigo.png Onigo

Strange girls with long blowing hair covering their faces. Found in several areas, most notably Visceral World. They resemble the Nopperabou Witches from Yume Nikki.


They are largely absent when playing as Rust. The few that remain will violently explode when Rust approaches.

Spoilers end here.

FlowChar1.png Oreko

A girl who lives underwater and builds strange machines in her house. She gives Sabitsuki the Diving Helmet effect. Oreko also reappears in other parts of the game. She seems to have a very positive relationship with Sabitsuki, and is capable of lowering the Erosion Counter under certain circumstances.

FlowSisterSprite.png Sister

A girl with cross/plus tattoos/markings over their eyes. She can be found hiding behind her brother Smile in his house. She slowly peeks out from behind him and cannot be directly interacted with.

FlowSmileSprite.png Smile

A boy with cross/plus tattoos/markings over their eyes. He has been called Brother in lol's art, but he is known best by his filename Smile. He can be found together with his sister in his house and in a few other locations by himself.

SchoolChildren.png Students

School children that can be found in various locations, including the School, fittingly enough. One peculiar student resembling Sabitsuki with a big red grin gives the Student effect.

DotFlowSato.png Sugar Girl

A mysterious girl found in a few areas deep within the game, most notably hole in girl. She also appears in the Sugar Float Days event in the Reverse Apartments and in the second room in Deterioration.

Outside of her appearance in Deterioration, every area where she appears notably requires Sabitsuki to eat a number of 300-yen cakes (five for hole in girl, ten for Sugar Float Days) at the Sugar Hole to access.

DotFlowTakibiSan.png Takibi-san

A girl who can be found in the Hole. She sits near a street fire and seems to be trying to warm herself. Her Japanese name comes from the word for "bonfire".

If her bonfire is extinguished with the Watering Can Effect, she will relight it as soon as the rain stops.