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Dream Genie:3D Projection

3D Projection
3D Projection.png
Basic Info

EffectNavigation Suit, Green Firefly

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Unreal Nexus

BGM Missing
Map ID 0142, 0237

The 3D Projection is an area accessible from the machine near the southern bridge of the Unreal Nexus.


3D Projection is a small room containing a window and several machines. There is a holographic projection in the middle of the room that allows you to save your game, a large clockwork machine to the left that leads to Subnexus, and a machine to the right that that will take you to the Level Clothing Interface on interaction.

Level Clothing Interface

The Level Clothing Interface is a small area where you control a mouse cursor on a screen. The screen has 8 buttons on it but only two serve any purpose. The first button in the top left will grant the Navigation Suit Delusion if Qiu Qin has at least 5 Delusions (counting Default) and the second button in the top middle will grant the Green Firefly Delusion if Qiu Qin has at least 10 Delusions. You can leave this area by interacting with the exit button on the bottom right of the screen.


Unreal Nexus → 3D Projection