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    Dream Genie:Minor Characters

    The following is a list of characters scattered across Qiu Qin's dream world. Primarily those who react to her, give Delusions or trigger events.

    Note that many of the names used in this article are unofficial.

    Delusion Characters

    These are the NPCs that give Qiu Qin Delusions (Effects) when interacted with.

    Big Monster

    A giant silhouette of a cat found in Snow World. It gives Qiu Qin the Monster Outfit delusion.

    Armor Statue

    A giant statue of golden armor found in the Golden Canopy. It gives Qiu Qin the Golden Armor delusion.

    Poison Capsule

    A giant poison capsule found in Dark Lantern. It gives Qiu Qin the Poison delusion.


    A girl found in Gray Staircase that has a giant machine hooked to her from the top. She gives Qiu Qin the Walker delusion.


    An injured prisoner trapped in the Cosmic Prison. They give Qiu Qin the Civilian delusion.


    Can be found in Hell after getting a key card. He gives Qiu Qin the Slayer delusion.

    Infected Growth

    A strange growth with a twitching eyeball found in Star of Wise Sea A. It gives Qiu Qin the Virus delusion.

    BW Dude

    An arachnid creature with a top hat, residing in the Dark Basement. It gives Qiu Qin the Imprint Amulet delusion.

    Jet Boots

    A pair of floating boots found in the Cloudy Sunset. It gives Qiu Qin the Flying Machine delusion.

    Rolling Egg

    A constantly-moving egg found within Hellish Park. It gives Qiu Qin the Strange Egg delusion.


    A blue-green creature found within the Museum, whose form depends on the delusions that Qiu Qin is using. It gives her the Multi Transformation delusion.

    Green Fairy

    A green fairy found in the Star of Wise Sea B. It gives Qiu Qin the Fairy delusion.

    Blue Flame

    A blue flame found in the Star River. It gives Qiu Qin the Frozen Sparrowhawk delusion.

    Red Flame

    A red flame found in the Pink Cube Zone. It gives Qiu Qin the Thunder Ghost delusion.

    Eye of the Devil

    A gigantic eye found in the Dark Promenade. It gives Qiu Qin the Devil's Blood delusion.

    Non-Delusions NPCs

    These are some of the many characters from Qiu Qin's dream world. Despite not giving Delusions, they still have some sort of relevance to the game.


    Qiu Qin's dream companion residing in the Unreal Nexus' laboratory. You can choose to feed Zabu with specific items scattered across the dream world (which will change his appearance) or let him accompany Qiu Qin in her journeys.

    DGNPC1.pngQiu Qin's Caretaker


    DGNPC2.pngQiu Qin's Sister

    Qiu Qin's older sister. She can be found in several points within the dream world, usually sending you to certain locations.

    DGNPC3.pngYoung Qiu Qin


    DGNPC6.pngDream God

    A cycloptic deity ruling Qiu Qin's dream world, stationed at the center of the Unreal Nexus. Standing in front of him makes his eye flash, and interacting with him will change Qiu Qin's speed.

    DGNPC7.pngHealing Spring

    A living spring of healing water, found near the bridge to the Whimsical Plan Institute in the Unreal Nexus. Drinking from it recovers all of Qiu Qin's HP, and can only be drank from once per dream session. It will call her greedy upon subsequent interactions in the same dream session.


    A feline merchant who sells his goods in a shop in the Red Aisle. You can also sell items dropped by certain dead dream inhabitants to him.


    A hideous squatting shadow-like monster who has many right arms and a giant claw for a left arm. When entering its room in New Century Town, it will ask Qiu Qin what she is doing there and what does she want.

    DGNPC28.pngBlood Girl

    A girl appearing to be holding a camera that lives in Sea of Blood. When interacted with, she will take a picture of Qiu Qin and a puddle of blood will appear behind her.

    DGNPC36.pngBlood Cube

    An NPC found in the Sea of Blood. Upon interaction Qiu Qin automatically kills it, receiving the Blood Red Fragment.


    A giant SCP-173 can be found sitting, shivering in a corner of a secret, loud room in Narrow Apartments.

    DGNPC34.pngMini Hazmat

    Mini Hazmat is an NPC found in Feverish Monochrome Maze that follows Qiu Qin.

    DGNPC18.pngNeon Kitten

    Qiu Qin can find some of these in 3D Mecha Path, in a room with a red button on the wall. There is also one more invisible cat outside the room that can be revealed by walking on the upper side of the path, walking into an invisible tile, and hitting the interact key.

    DGNPC19.pngFloating Hat

    An invisible person wearing a hat can be found wandering Streetlights Corner. Walking into them gives Qiu Qin a pseudo-delusion where she has flashing, glowing eyes.

    DGNPC20.pngBlue Slime

    Blue Slimes that can be found in places like Streetlights Corner and Snow World. Killing one, specifically with the Slayer delusion, will give Qiu Qin a Slime Meat material which she can sell to Norvey.

    DGNPC21.pngLonely Girl

    A lonely girl at Cosmic Prison. She is imprisoned along with the Civilian delusion effect-giver NPC, Prisoner.

    DGNPC27.pngTwins and Slayer

    Two twins made of ice who can be found in Freezing Point.

    DGNPC39.pngSlender Man

    A mythical, faceless humanoid figure in a suit. He is forced to hide from society, within the deepest parts of the Freezing Point, because of people's fear and rejection towards him.

    DGNPC25.pngUltra Cyber Man


    DGNPC31.pngEnergy Box

    A magenta box found in Star of Wise Sea B that can be killed with the Slayer delusion for the Energy Box material.

    DGNPC29.pngCracked Cluster

    A hidden NPC in Star of Wise Sea B.

    DGNPC26.pngColly Maid Trio

    The three employees of the Colly Maid Cafe.

    DGNPC35.pngWhite Owl

    A flying round owl in a cage in Meatball.


    A hovering hooded figure with a hose coming out of its hood. Bears a slight resemblance to an NPC in Yume 2kki's Farm World.

    DGNPC15.pngPink Scarecrow

    A scarecrow in Cloudy Sunset. Whistles when interacted with and when killed. Gives the Gear Wheel material when killed with the Slayer delusion.

    DGNPC14.pngCyber Masker


    DGNPC13.pngPurple Daughter


    DGNPC22.pngDarkness Moon Duke


    DGNPC23.pngSmall Hand

    A mean-spirited floating hand that does business in a secret shop within the Dark Promenade. It sells the Dream Baby Nameplate for 66G. Interacting with it after purchasing said item will provoke it, eventually inflicting a punishment against you.

    DGNPC24.pngDream Baby

    A devilish infant who follows you around the Unreal Nexus if you have bought the Dream Baby Nameplate. You can use the Multi Transformation delusion to take on its appearance.

    DGNPC32.pngWhite Ghost


    DGNPC17.pngFake Effect

    A deceptive element within Ancient Heavenly Sky. Attempting to approach it will make the platforms near it move away, leaving it out of reach.


    A canine monstrosity, leashed within the Dog House. Dispatching the Dog will make Qiu Qin fall unconscious after interacting with it, sending her to the Dungeon.


    These are the hostile characters who try to trap Qiu Qin in enclosed areas or damage her, eventually leading to a DAMN OVER.

    DGNPC8.pngViper Demon


    DGNPC9.pngModel Monsters


    DGNPC10.pngKiller Bumper Car

    Demonic, sentient bumper cars that move at a rapid pace, usually along a circuit. Getting hit by them deals damage so long as if you're in their way.

    DGNPC11.pngMeat Sickle

    Fleshly creatures armed with sickle-like protrusions, most prominently present in Meatball. These chasers can be subdued with the Thunder Ghost delusion, dropping the similarly-named Meat Sickle item that you can sell to Norvey.



    DGNPC16.pngSpirit Orb

    Floating orbs that lurk the Star River, with the ability to phase through walls and other obstacles. Contact with them will trap you in an isolated area within the Star River.

    DGNPC33.pngEvil Spirit