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Farm World
Basic Info
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WP #82

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Rough Ash World
Floating Red Tiles World


8 (No. 109A)

Map ID 0291


Farm World is an area with 2 different sections, the first accessible from Floating Red Tiles World, and the second from both Rough Ash World and the Exhibition.

Map of Farm World


Farm World is a small scrolling area with deep maroon soil and various forms of plant life, ranging from trees to shrubs, and including shoots, and watermelon-like fruit. It is a fairly quiet area. The area is divided into 2 different sections by a large fence that runs through the area.

Farm World A

On one side of the fence (accessible from Floating Red Tiles World) you can find the Farmer, an amorphous red figure holding a blue hose which hangs through a hole in his head, spraying what seems to be plant fertilizer.

He can be found watering the plants at one of the three garden beds in the area. If you interact with him, he will reply with a speech bubble showing a picture of either a Japanese maple leaf, a chili pepper, or herbs on a slice of pizza, probably indicating what he is growing.

If Urotsuki walks over the small plant shoots in this area, they will crumple underfoot.

Farm World B

On the other side of the fence (accessible from Rough Ash World) the area is lightly forested, featuring trees lining a dirt path that runs through the area.

Two crowds of succulent plant NPCs can be found on the north and south sides of the path, which resemble lithops and zebra haworthias, respectively, and can be interacted with. They initially cover sections of the dirt shaped like the numbers "2" and "0".

If Urotsuki stands on the left side of the first tree to the left of the entrance from Rough Ash World and then goes north, passing another tree, she'll bump into a tree that will be perfectly aligned in front of her.

If Urotsuki interacts with that specific tree, she will shake it, and it will teleport her to the Exhibition.

If Urotsuki use the Chainsaw effect on this tree she will cut a large slash into its trunk, and it won't teleport her anymore when she tries to shake it. However, Urotsuki can still access the Exhibition by chainsawing it a second time, which will take her there as usual.


Farm World A

Farm World B