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Yume 2kki:Salmon-shaded Settlement

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Salmon-shaded Settlement
Ynoproject 2kki screenshot 2023-11-18-8-18-31.png
Basic Info
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Effects EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Magenta Village LockedCondition🔐
Pastel Grassland

BGM oneirokamara_unwovenpinking_ (No. 745A)
Map ID 2397
Version Added 0.121d
Author Nabisae

Salmon-shaded Settlement is an area accessible from the rope maze area in Magenta Village.

Map of Salmon-shaded Settlement


Salmon-shaded Settlement is an urban area, starting off as a street with mostly locked buildings, short brick walls, and cones blocking the eastern path. South is a fenced-in park with uniform trees.

The door from which Urotsuki entered will lead back to the rope maze in Magenta Village, but it will instead lead to a blue creature that reacts to the Glasses effect. If the Bat effect was used to set a warp point before ascending the final rope to the exit, one could fly to that point to return to the main area.

An opening in the fence behind the fourth tree will allow access to the previously blocked part of the street. The unlocked door at the end will lead to a horizontally looping section bordered by buildings. To the east is a red vending machine and a courtyard containing a tree with lamps wrapped around it and one shattered lamp beside it.

Similar to the street, the courtyard section has many locked doors. The unlocked ones will have lights in the windows next to them. One of them is located directly right of the door from the street, and another is between two air conditioning units northeast of the lamp tree, both leading to another courtyard. Continuing east from here will reveal a concrete statue of an Erlenmeyer bottle with a ribbon-like feature extending from it. If the Teru Teru Bōzu effect is used, a blue substance will appear to leak from the top of it. Slightly northeast of this statue is a vending machine and the door connecting to Pastel Grassland.



  • If the Fairy, Haniwa, Child, or Dice effect is equipped, Urotsuki will be unable to open the doors, instead knocking on them. This applies to all normally unlocked doors.