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Yume 2kki:Cipher Keyboard

Cipher Keyboard
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Tachi Isu-kan
Standing Chair Building




WP #566
Menu Theme #24

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Despair Road
Dream Bank
Simple Street NoEntry

Amoeba Woods

Removed Connections

Rainbow Tiles Maze
Wastewater Treatment Plant


VANEGI_奇 (No. 367)
VANEGI_snow (Workshop) (No. 413)

Map ID 0822, 0825
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

2i9, kappa, kuraud, noildoof, shigurin, Nabisae

Cipher Keyboard is one of the worlds accessible from The Nexus.

Map of Cipher Keyboard with special keys labeled. Note spelling variants "PLT" and "KAPS".


The Cipher Keyboard is a dark, looping map consisting of a titanic QWERTY keyboard, where the keys are labeled in cyan on the south facing wall with the alphabet from one of the Library's books, corresponding to the letters on the keys, though with a few exceptions: the windows key is replaced by the window on Madotsuki's shirt, and the grave accent key is replaced by the hiragana character あ.

The teleport object that takes you back to The Nexus is located in the space between the N, M and J keys. Just below the M key is a humanoid figure that takes you to Dream Bank, and the space below the E key has a floating, bloody object that will take you to the Despair Road when interacted with. Between the 9 and 0 keys is a space shuttle that leads to the Spaceship when interacted with. If you have obtained the Child and Stretch effects, left of the Enter key is a book that unlocks Menu Theme #24 when read. Between the characters of the Up button is a passage to the Workshop (工房, Kōbō), a small area populated by a mechanic and a fat man who is twice as tall as Urotsuki. At present, the rest of the area's upper platform is blocked off with a construction sign.

Blue buttons can be found on the walls of the V, O, I, and D keys. Interacting with them in the correct order will unlock a doorway to the Void. (This only needs to be done once.)

The T key has a grey door on its right side leading to the blue hallway in Amoeba Woods.


  • The Nexus → Cipher Keyboard


  • The keyboard's text used to be the Matoran Alphabet from the Bionicle series prior to 0.116i patch 6, where it was temporarily erased due to potential copyright disputes. A succeeding patch changed it to the cipher from the Library.
    • Interestingly, the stone connecting to The Nexus resembles the Mata Nui Stone from the same series.
  • Before 0.113h, this world connected to the Wastewater Treatment Plant by interacting with the flying bird.
  • Before 0.114f, this world connected to the Rainbow Tiles Maze.


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2i9 +, kappa +, kuraud +, noildoof +, shigurin +  and Nabisae +
Matoran Keyboard.png (Map of Cipher Keyboard with special keys labeled. Note spelling variants "PLT" and "KAPS"., https://yume.wiki/images/a/a2/Matoran Keyboard.png) +
立椅子館 +
822 (?) +  and 825 (?) +
0.113h-c- +, 0.114f-c- +, 0.116i patch 7-+ +, 0.118c patch 9-- +  and 0.120f patch 5-c+ +