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Yume 2kki:Magenta Village

Magenta Village
Magenta village entrance.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Mazenta Chitai
Magenta Zone



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Amoeba Woods
Slate Doorway
Salmon-shaded Settlement LockedCondition🔐
Playbox Passage


nabisae_music_00014 (No. 742A)
nabisae_music_00014 (slower) (Indoors) (No. 742B)
nabisae_music_00020 (Magenta Corridor) (No. 743B)
nabisae_music_00030 (Hanging Rope Maze) (No. 744)

Map ID 2392 (Indoors)


Magenta Village is an area accessible from Amoeba Woods.

Map of Magenta Village
Map of Maze Area


Magenta Village is a small looping area consisting of several magenta buildings of varying sizes and structures with blue windows as well as magenta stones. The objects in this world are overlaid with a water-like texture, matching the ground, which, when combined with the pink color, gives the world the appearance of being made of meat.

Most of the buildings are locked, although a few are unlocked, most notably a building south of the entrance and another one southwest.

The southern building has two small windows and a door on the left. Entering this building will lead the player to a few vending machines and a long passage to a maze formed of gray cuboid structures and climbable white ropes. At the end is a doorway that will connect to Salmon-shaded Settlement. Attempting to return from this final section will bring Urotsuki to a blue creature. Equipping the Glasses effect will reveal its true form. The Bat effect can be used to set a warp point before reaching the final doorway to circumvent the dead-end rope and return to the main area.

The southwestern structure is shaped like the letter 'A', with two smaller buildings supporting a larger building on top. Going between the smaller buildings will lead to a short magenta path with a looping, goopy-looking purple sky. Continuing east will bring Urotsuki to Slate Doorway.

Heading directly west from the Amoeba Woods entrance leads to a building with two doors. The right door noticeably has no animation beneath it, unlike the others in this world; interacting with said door will take Urotsuki to Playbox Passage.



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