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    Yume 2kki:Amoeba Woods

    Amoeba Woods
    Amoeba Woods to hall.png
    Teleporter to the blue hallway
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    WP #770

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Cipher Keyboard
    Sandy Cavern
    Magenta Village
    Scale Model Exhibit
    Foggy Red Street
    Haribote Landscape Crossing

    BGM nabisae_music_00024_B (Main area)
    nabisae_music_00025_C (Blue Hallway)
    gr_bottom (Blue Hallway Maze) (No. 748C)
    Map ID 2391
    2392 (Blue hallway)
    Version Added 0.120f patch 5
    Last Updated 0.121h patch 1
    Author Nabisae

    The Amoeba Woods is an area accessible from the door on the T key of Cipher Keyboard.

    Annotated map of the area.


    Amoeba Woods is a lakeside forest with deep purple waters, inhabited by several amoeba, spiral-shaped plants, and odd blue shapes. The amoeba all make the same sound, but the pitch depends on which shape they are. The trees can be walked under, and the canopy will become transparent, allowing for easier navigation.

    Entering from Cipher Keyboard will place you in a blue hallway by a large, detailed wall. Heading west leads into a hallway maze, which has a door to the Scale Model Exhibit to the west and south.

    Heading east from Cipher Keyboard, you may find a small creature in a window, and further along is a vine-covered Teleport Rune connecting to the main woods.

    From the teleporter to the blue hallway, which now has animated vines, one can head north to find a pink, striped rune with a flashing center and a construction sign near it. East of here are a pair of spiral-shaped plants, a long log that can be sat on, and a vending machine. Walking between the pair of plants will teleport you to another pair of plants above the gate to Magenta Village. These plants are marked by red dots on the annotated map.

    Southeast of the blue hallway portal is a gray gate leading to Haribote Landscape. Attempting to enter the gate without first enabling the Crossing effect will make purple bars slam shut in Urotsuki's face.

    Heading to the southern end of the world allows access to a series of islets on the lake connected by wooden bridges. These islets form the first maze of the world, with the southernmost point containing a large magenta gate that leads to Magenta Village. Northeast of the gate, or southwest if you traveled through the woods, you can find a teal tube coral-like amoeba sitting on a stone pad resembling a sandbox. Interacting with the tube coral leads to the teleport maze. Northeast of the tube coral is a bridge that leads to a dark passage deep in the woods. Entering it will take you to Sandy Cavern. Nearby is a rock or stump that can be sat on, like others in the woods.

    Coral Amoeba Teleport Maze

    The maze contains various islands with strange shapes, such as a hollow triangle or a fish skeleton (which is right next to the Magenta Village gate). Wandering the area are floating, translucent amoeba NPCs.

    At some point in the maze is an islet with 4 corals on it and an empty pit, which reveals the final mint tube coral when the Glasses effect is used. In order to use this coral, you must use any of the teleports (without exiting to the sandbox) at least 20 times, which will play a low synth tone and toggle the tube.

    Using the final tube coral sends you to a small island with two red signs, and heading between them leads to Foggy Red Street. Also present on the island is a tube coral that will send you back when interacted with. The island can be seen at the bottom of the annotated map, and when the red signs are not unlocked, it will have a stationary star-shaped amoeba on it.



    • This area was possibly inspired by the Witch's Island, Dense Woods B, and Wilderness from Yume Nikki.
    • After version 0.121d up until 0.121f patch 1, the gate connecting to Haribote Landscape was unintentionally accessible using the Penguin effect's slide to avoid having it close on approach.

    Old Images