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Answered Prayers:Ocean Floor

Ocean Floor
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Jellyfish
Connecting Areas

Underwater Ship
Corrupt Beach



Map ID 0047
Map Type Large, Looping

The Ocean Floor is a world accessed through a Ghostly Jellyfish found in the Underwater Ship.

Map of Ocean Floor


The Ocean Floor is an underwater plain surrounded by drop-offs. It is decorated with small pebbles and seagrass as well as bubbles that emerge from the area's dark surroundings. Many blue spirits resembling fish and jellyfish can swim about as similar spirits resembling seagrass and shells stay in place around the area.

The area is entered after interacting with a haloed jellyfish found in the Underwater Ship. The same jellyfish can be found near Fluorette when she enters the area and can be interacted with again to return to the Underwater Ship.

Following the area's given path will lead to a much more expansive area. Directly north of the path is a pit with a serpentine creature resembling a Chinese dragon floating above it. Going farther north behind the creature will lead to the Corrupt Beach. Among the sea life in the expansive area is a single light-blue jellyfish with two small eyes. Interacting with it will teach Fluorette the Tentacles Prayer.


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